Wireless Internet USB adapter problems.?

I bought a wireless internet usb adapter last Saturday and today I plug it into my computer and nothing, my computer is recognising it but no internet. Anyone have any ideas?

I tried it in my other computer and the same problem.


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    When you installed the adapter did you read the directions carefully -- sometimes you need to install the software before you do anything else, that could mess up the configuration process.

    It may be that you need to install the device driver from the manufacturer and not use the one from your OS.

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    hi jon

    the good news is the wireless usb adapter is getting recognized which indicates theres no hardware based problems with it

    however a common issue experienced when connecting any wireless device is conflicts,and these are caused by too much software attempting to configure the same device

    when you connect any wireless network device windows will begin the wireless connection wizard by default,however theres a good chance you have also installed software(and drivers) when you set up the wireless usb adapter

    and finally your isp would of given you a software setup disk for your wireless router that come as part of your broadband package

    so theres three peices of software all configured to run your wireless network,theres no wonder why wireless devices get confused and dont work correctly,so heres the solution :

    1) as you cannot remove the windows wireless set-up in the control panel you should remove the wireless software that came with your wireless usb adapter....also remove the drivers,however dont worry,once you have done this,go to device manager and were the device is reinstall the drivers(making sure the driver disk is in the dvdrw drive,and this will reinstall just the drivers and not the software)

    2)then once this is done look for the wireless icon in the taskbar and when you move your mouse over this it will inform you there are "wireless networks avalible"..look for your ssid and then click connect,and then you will be asked for your wireless security key...enter this and you should be able to connect to the wireless network...and then the internet

    note : i had a similar problem to yours with my wifes acer aspire laptop and sorted it out by removing the acer empowering technology "e-net" connection software which was conflicting with the windows wireless connection utility..sometimes too much of a good thing isnt that good!

    any problems let me know

    good luck jon !

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    Try moving the Modem to a different position. Some modems do not like being near OTHER wireless items such as a hands free phone. Or even the wireless mouse, keyboard or printer can interfere with it. Move it about 6 feet away if you can.

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    You can try going into Control Panel > Network and internet settings > view network status > manage network connections.

    Then check to see if your usb IS being recognised.

    If not then setup a wireless connection.

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  • John
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    You need a wireless Router OR a wireless modem to send the signal to your computer

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    1 decade ago

    Read the instructions that came with the device.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to install the dongle's drivers first.

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