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I was thinking about getting an electronic organizer when I return back to college. Is it a good idea?

How common is having an electronic organizer among college students? I never noticed my friends having one though. However, I thought it will be helpful since I am always disorganized during school time. Another question, can you suggest good but affordable types of electronic organizers?

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    i've never seen anyone using an electronic organizer.. if they do use one, it's probably using their blackberry or something like that.

    don't waste your money.. most schools give out planners with self-organizing tips anyway. if you really need one after the first semester, then get one.

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    They weren't common but at the same time weren't uncommon. I saw handfuls of people with them, and I had one in college. I was using a Palm T/X, which is on the pricier side of electronic organizers, but the lower-end models should fit your needs perfectly. It really helped to keep all my school crap--homework, important dates/schedules, all in one neat place.

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    I think it would be neat to have one. Some of my friends had them even in high school!

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