The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

What is the significance of the 5 people Eddie meets in Heaven? Thanks

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    I hope you've read the book. If you haven't, that's kind of what it's about. So don't read the rest of my answer.

    Eddie first meets the Blue Man from his childhood at Ruby Pier, and the Blue Man died on Eddie's birthday. The Blue Man teaches Eddie that everything is connected, and with celebration there is also death.

    The second person was Eddie's comrade in World War II. He teaches Eddie about sacrifice, because he shot Eddie in the knee to get him out of battle alive.

    The third person was Ruby from Ruby Pier, the one the pier was named after so long ago. She helps Eddie understand why his life turned out the way it did, with his parents and stuff.

    Person Numero Four was Eddie's wife, Margeurite. I forget if she has anything particularly important but there was definitely a couple touching scenes in this chapter.

    The last person was a little girl. She teaches Eddie forgiveness. I can't say anything else or I'll ruin the story.

    Basically, the point of the story is these characters teach you everything you didn't know about life after you're dead, and then you go on to your own personal heaven, and teach other people, and it's a huge chain of people affecting each other.

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    Oh my goodness, just 5? Be right back... I might not have time right now to finish this right now, Doc. If it is still up when I come back, I will. If not, no worries. =) Thanks. At first, all I could think about was all the happy, loving faces that I remembered from childhood, those aunts and uncles that were all dead by the time I was 9. But... of course I have issues with my mother... I really want to spend time with my cousin Edward again. He was just 2 days older than I, and our families were very close. We were more like twins, and I always wished I had Ed at the house 24/7, like my actual brother was. lol I've written about him before, our daredevil feats as youngsters on the water, and on pavement. My mother and his father had the same adventurous and adoring relationship. As a matter of fact, my mother followed my uncle Ted into the Navy in 1942-43. It's no comparison, but I was nuts enough to straddle the back of whatever dirt bike or ATV that my cousin had, and lived to tell about it. Edward was murdered at the age of 31, and those last few years we didn't see much of each other. I would just like to laugh with him once more.

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    Have you read the book? It tells you not in uncertain terms what the significance is..

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    it simply tells us that our lives our connected. One simple and seemingly innocent action affects another person's way of living his life and even death.

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