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Synovial sarcoma - My wife had got it on the rightfemur.Operate to replace femur with titanium No success.?

Amputate leg at the hip Cancer spread to lungs Left lung operation to remove cancer.Done chemo and radiation, can't give more. Seek medication or anything to help with the pain No voltaren( cause bleeding ) morfine not at this point. Any thing else?

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    Opium derivatives, such as morphine, are the strongest pain medications known to man.

    Oxycodone, a synthetic opiate, is generally the pain medication of last resort if all else fails.

    If her oncologist is not sure about next steps regarding pain medicine, then you may wish to consult a doctor specializing in pain management.

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    I hope that your wife is being treated by a sarcoma specialist or at least in a sarcoma center. I am not certain why she can no longer receive chemo or radiation or her exact status. Is she in hospice?

    Seek out a second opinion if you have not done so already. Make sure she is going to a sarcoma specialist . .there is a difference. You may also wish to join sarcoma support groups where you will encounter others with similar sarcoma issues. Many of these patients can steer you towards better treatment options or share information about clinical trials and if the trials are working for them or not.


    SARCOMA: The General Sarcoma (Cancer) Online Support Group

    Sarcoma Alliance

    Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Iniative

    As for pain medication . . your wife should ask for a referral to a pain or palliative care doctor or team . . they should be able to find something to ease any pain.

    Cancer pain

    MD Anderson pain management specialists

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    Im absolutely sorry for your wife,did you 2 discuss euthanasia......why extend the PAIN if the suffering wont get less ,really.

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