Fill in the blank!!急


between down along around on out

towards into cross up in front of beside

Fill in the blank withthe given words.

Hi John,

I've found a secret path to the river from here. Follow these steps and meet me there. I'll wait for you.

_____ the two tall coconut trees_____ you, there is a small naraow path. Walk _____ the path. You will see a small house _____ a hill. Climb _____ the hill and walk _____ the house. When you reach the house, turn right and keep walking. You will find yourself going _____ the river. Don't walk _____ the river. Look _____ for me, I'm sitting _____ the river.

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    1. Between

    2. In front of

    3. Along

    4. On

    5. Up

    6. Towards

    7. Down

    8. Into

    9. Around

    10. Beside

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