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有著赤子之心的文化人 翻譯!!!!(中→英)






還有還有 台灣的半導體教父 怎麼翻˙˙??

Update 2:

張忠謀 他是怎麼樣的人 麻煩幫我一下 暑假作業>"<

麻煩用英文 然後副 中文解釋喔~

謝謝 大大=]

Update 3:


不過 我要的"怎麼樣的人"是 個性那種的喔~


幫我解完這個 最佳解答 就是你嚕˙ˇ˙

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    是:The intellectuals have eisenia's heart

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    是:Taiwan's semiconductor godfather

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    Morris Chang was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang, father Zhang Wei concept is the Financial Secretary of the Ningbo government, due to various early age to avoid the war of movement, in 1948 with his family to Hong Kong, visit the following year studying at Harvard University in Boston,

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    Massachusetts the following year transferred to Institute of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering, received bachelor and master degrees. Scania where early access to the Greek company formally entered the field of semiconductors,

    2009-08-07 16:44:04 補充:

    Texas Instruments in 1958 to work in the semiconductor division, the highest position as the vice president of global, transnational corporations in the United States at that time, a very small number of Chinese executives.

    2009-08-07 16:46:07 補充:

    Because of the concept in 1983 with the Board not to leave Texas Instruments, General Equipment Company as president a year later, in 1985 and was invited to return to Taiwan as president of the Industrial Technology Research Institute,

    2009-08-07 16:46:18 補充:

    founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, he was appointed chairman of the board, there are " Taiwan's semiconductor godfather "of.

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    It is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Academy of Sciences machinery, and served as the New York Stock Exchange, Stanford University.

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    Strict focus on

    His world, in addition to the work, or work. Ordinary people, almost boring, he does not play golf, there is no entertainment, they go home for dinner (as housekeeper do like to eat pasta snack),

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    after dinner, listening to classical music or read books twice a week Tachih Club is located in the United States do exercise, ... ... every Wednesday morning, sitting from Taipei to Hsinchu black Buick sedan,

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    a meeting to see the factory, the Ministry convened talks in Taipei on Friday to the weekend, he declined about entertainment, home write their own biography. "

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    Since the less hard to develop the habit of self-discipline and new ideas, achievements Chang personality almost perfect.

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    Morris Chang, the book prepared to accept challenge and responsibility, the efforts of the character can be used with today's society control. Critical times and thus the impact of changes. Can be used as a model for business.

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    As the result of personality, ability to innovate or poor!

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