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please help me i got a medical marijuana question?

ok i need help how long do i keep the plants in vegetation for

and how long do i keep the plants in budding for

and what should the light cycle be for vegetation

and what should be the light cycle for budding

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    I swear I have no idea where some people get their information. The first two posters are jackas ses who obviously know nothing about growing. Growing marijuana is NOT STRAIN SPECIFIC. So the poster who wrote that is a friggin moron. Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa both have the same feeding and light schedule. It makes absolutely no difference what strain you have. Neo Hippie is a douche bag.

    You also do not have to veg the plants for 3-4 months. The plants need to grow big and tall enough to support the weight of the buds that will be grown, usually 24 inches tall is perfect. You can veg the plants as long as you want but, to grow buds, 4 months is way excessive. 60 days is plenty. You also DO NOT want to use "rose food" or "tomato fertilizer". Are we growing vegetables and roses? Roses are for fags. Go to your local hydroponics shop and pick up some Advanced Nutrients 3 part formula. It comes in a variety of different packages but you want Sensi A and B and Bloom A and B. You also want the Micro Bloom. These 3 formulas will give you killer buds. Advanced Nutrients is a little more expensive that the regular nutrients and probably more than hippie's "rose food", but trust me when I say, you get what you pay for. When the going rate for a pound of primo pot is $2500, why skimp on the food? I spend roughly $600 a week on nutrients alone. And it is worth every penny. Ask anyone who uses Advanced Nutrients if they would use any other brand.

    After you have grown your plants under 18 hours of light per day for 60 days, they should be ready to produce some buds. It doesn't matter if you use metal halide or fluorescents, as long as your plants see 18 hours of light followed by complete, uninterrupted darkness for 6 hours, they will be ready for flowering in 60-65 days. After the veg cycle is complete, you change your lamps to high pressure sodium and give the plants 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete, uninterrupted darkness. If you started from seed and you do not know the sex of your plants, this is where they will show their sex. Female plants will start to show little white hairs coming from the internodes, the part where the individual branches come from the main stem. Male plants will show tiny pollen sacks that look like little balls. If you let your female plants get pollenated, they will stop producing THC and start producing seeds. Search for "I grow chronic" on YouTube. A bit more in depth.

    This is another area where hippie shows his incompetence. I want to know what strain of marijuana only flowers for a month? Every single strain I have ever encountered flowers for no less than 8 weeks. Some can even go 9-10 weeks, depending on the strain and the color of your resin heads. It has absolutely nothing to do with the "pistils". When the resin heads on the plant turn from crystal clear to milky white, it's time to harvest. If you wait too long, the resin heads will turn to amber and this signals that the THC has started to break down and your weed will be less potent. And who wants that to happen?

    I didn't intend to make a long, drawn out answer but, stupid people annoy me. I had to clear up the misinformation you received. If you have any more questions regarding growing, hit me up. I will answer what ever I can. Hey neo hippie, stick to what you know best, growing sunflowers and tulips in your daddies garden.

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    I Have severe Scoliosis and Rheumatoid Arthritisand I was on over 10 NARCOTIC painkillers and muscle relaxers and was addicted to opiates for a while and i'm only 16. Sure it's illegal, but I use it as medicine. Here's SOME of the pills i've been on in the past 2 months. Hydrocodone 10's Valium 10's Tramadol 50's Penicillin 500's Cyclobenzaprine 10's Zanaflex 4's Gabapentin 100's Gabapentin 300's Trazodone 50's Amoxicillin 500's Tylenol 3 30's Diphen/Atroptine 2.5's Amitriptyline 25's Methocarbamol 500's Naproxen 375's Darvocet 50's Soma 350's I'm getting my MMJ card in about a month. Save it for someone who NEEDS it. Not for your fake little 30 minutes to fall asleep crap. You "Sorta" have problems falling asleep. you're not getting it.

  • it all depends on the specific plant.

    but here's a general outline:

    veg for 3-4 months, using tomato fertilizer. flush the plants with straight water for a week before flipping them into flowering.

    during vegging, you can give the plants anywhere from 18-24 hrs of light. i usually keep mine at 24 hrs, that way i don't have to worry about resetting my timer for vegging and flowering.

    when you switch over to budding, start feeding the kids rose food, and change the light cycle to 12/12. you should only have to bud for a month of two. when the pistils start turning brown/gold start giving the plant straight water.

    within the first week or two of budding you will be able to tell males from females. take an empty bread bag over the top of the males (to ensure no pollen gets shaken up onto the girls) and remove them from teh garden.

    flush them with water for a few days before harvesting (the lighter gold the pistils the better the high. use your judgement, experience will help a lot) let them cure for a week or two, then trim the buds.

    i like to let them sit for another day or two, to make sure they're fully cured, before i sample my work.

    once you get the system down, start experimenting with cloning. once you get cloning down, you'll always have female plants

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    Hi Jack!

    Vegetative stage will be running 14-16 hours a day.

    Flowering stage is 12 hours on.

    Keep your plants budding till 75-80% of the hairs on the buds are turning red or purple. Don't be afraid to bust out a magnifying glass to look at the resin balls on the buds. The trick to killer buds is the resin content. Make sure those little resin balls don't burst, if they do, you weed will be bunk.

    Cure your plant when the resin ball's have peaked, and be sure to hang it upside down.


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