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What do yall think of our "so called" president?

What do yall think of our "so called" president? I think he is wanting dictatorship he wants to take our gun rights away and health insurance stuff hes talking about. What is this country coming to?


To Vino Veritas: Yes, I said "so called."

To Logan: I am 34 years old.

To Christopher B: Your not close hun, I am a white female living in Kentucky with a bachelors in nursing.

Everyone who voted for him is a complete idiot. He just wants total control of everything.

Everyone will see this in time. VOTE for change 2012.

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    He's terrible. Everyone who voted for him is a complete idiot, and is just brainwashed by the media. Everyone thinks he's god. But he's just a socialist, and I say vote for change 2012!!! This guy's healthcare plan is a joke, along with everything he believes in.

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    Why do you think President Obama is "taking your guns?" Only Congress can vote to change GUN CONTROL laws and they are not inclined to make any changes since the NRA has spread so much money and influence around. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the 2nd Amendment protects the rights of individuals to own guns. Where do you people get these wacky ideas? Must be talk radio.

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    Why do you think of President Obama is "taking your weapons?" basically Congress can vote to alter GUN administration rules and that they are actually not susceptible to make any transformations because of the fact the NRA has unfold plenty money and impact around. The splendid courtroom has already ruled that the 2d modification protects the rights of persons to possess weapons. the place do you people get those wacky concepts? must be communicate radio.

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    I think, given the poop sandwich he started with, that he is doing fairly well so far.

    Given the tone of your question... I am going to go out on a limb here and say... white guy... southern state... high school graduate (probably)...

    So, am I close?

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  • logan
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    How old are you?

    First off, he has never said anything about taking away our right to bare arms. Secondly, I asked how old you are for the "health insurance stuff" comment. Thirdly, stop listening to your parents right winged rhetoric and check out the facts for yourself.

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    the president is just the fake leader of a puppet government controlled by the reptilians like every president since the late 1800's. a dictatorship has been the goal all along, they've just been easing us into it all these years. Obama is just another step toward total control of the world and the enslavement of the human race

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  • Mike
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    the only 'so called' president this country has ever had is GWB.... he was president in name only... everyone knows that Cheney had his hand up GWB's as$ working him like a puppet....

    edit: hey HumanDung, I see you are a straight "C" student like the idiot we just threw out of office.... are?? ARE??? did you mean OUR?? take an English class for Christ's sake...

  • Anonymous
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    he is great

    he has taken no rights away

    and universal health insurance is the minimum that a democratic state can offer

    the usa needs to step up and get a real health system as Obama is doing

    get used to him he will be here for 8 more years

  • Ricky
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    1 decade ago

    Stop drinking the Glen Beck Kool-AID

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    Hands down better than the nitWit who previously held the office.

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