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Which Sign Loves Drama and which Sign Avoids It?

I think fire signs love drama.

Earth signs avoid it.

Air signs and Water signs are like in between, sometimes they avoid it, other times, they're outspoken.

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    definitely LEO.

    pisces avoid drama, they're peacemakers.

    i'm a leo and i love drama! but i don't start it without a good reason.

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    Sometimes I suspect myself of subconsciously loving drama. I know I hate drama and will stay out of it, I pretty much prefer to fly under the radar ... BUT I always end up in the middle of some drama. Its like I was slowly drawn in, usually in my attempt to help others and by the time I realized I was right in the middle of it.

    I am a water sign, Pisces. Yes I do agree, all fire signs love drama, especially Leos.

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    Capricorn women love drama. They make it up even if it doesn't exist. They lose something and it is as if their whole world is coming to a major crisis.

    The sign that avoids it more then anyone would probably be Sagittarius. They like to party and get high so its kind of hard to get into drama when your mind is in another world.

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    Leos love drama

    Aquarius avoids drama

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    Dharma is not a matter of one function; astrological sign, ascendant, rashi (Moon sign), Sun sign and or any individual planet but an analysis of the entire horoscope preferably by Vedic Astrology in detail including the detail and extensive analysis of sub charts of several types and there inter and int-era relationships. Besides that all can be over-ridden by the Grace of God and true kindness and grace of true saints.

    The same is true for drama, art, music etc., etc.,

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    Leo loves drama

    Aquarius avoid it ;)

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    taurus loves drama, and so does scoripio. i'm an aries, and i simply cannot stand drama. in fact, i hang out with guys more than girls cause i hate drama. but my moon is in cancer, so that could be why. but know another aries girl, and she is the bigggest two face person ever. she starts all the drama in our grade.

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    Yea i agree about the air signs , i found that Earth signs LOVE drama

    Me i try my best to avoid it

    I am a peacemaker


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    Only two people have ever told me that I love drama. I got angry at both of them. I do NOT love drama. Let´s not confuse excitement and drama. I love excitement, adventure, and constant action.. NOT drama.

    I think that Aquarius avoids drama of any sort like the plague.

    I think that Taurus loves drama.

    Source(s): Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon.
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    Leos live for drama.

    Virgos and Pisces avoid drama as best as they can.

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    My ex wife is an Aries, and our world was flooded with drama. Being a Libra, I thought maybe I was just too unwilling to accept such dramatic actions, maybe that it was my fault......but now 6 years after our divorce, my kids still call me to ask how to deal with overplayed drama. ARIES gets my vote.

    Source(s): 18 years of marriage to an Aries
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