What do you think of these names?

We're going to try for a baby! Here are some names I like for each gender:


Nicholas (Nick) Alexander

Andrew Ryan

William (Billy) Kenneth

James Bradley

Rhett William

Adam Robert

Evan James

Henry Lee

Colby Luke

Daniel Robert

Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen

Samuel (Sam) Christopher

Jeremy James

Ian Michael

Jack Andrew

Wheeler Michael

Gunner Joseph


Madeleine Mackenzie

Juliet Eleanor

Lucy Rose

Ava Jane

Natalie Clare

Maura Katherine

Sophia Louise

Audrey Grace

Grace Elizabeth

Which ones do you like?

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    1 decade ago
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    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander - I love this but it seems a bit predictable

    Andrew Ryan - This is very traditional and predictable as well

    William (Billy) Kenneth - I love William but would rather the nickname be Will or Liam. Kennett is cute

    James Bradley - I love James as a first name it's very sophisticated.

    Rhett William - I would prefer Everett with the nickname Rhett.

    Adam Robert - Not a fan of either names

    Evan James - I don't really like Evan.

    Henry Lee - I love Henry but not with Lee. The flow sounds off, I would use Henry William or even Henry James instead.

    Colby Luke - This is okay

    Daniel Robert - predictable but I really like Daniel

    Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen - Love this but would prefer Stephen Thomas

    Samuel (Sam) Christopher - LOVE THIS

    Jeremy James - I don't really like Jeremy.

    Ian Michael - I know twins named Michael and Ian, it's cute together

    Jack Andrew - LOVE THIS

    Wheeler Michael - I don't really like Wheeler

    Gunner Joseph - I love this it's very masculine

    Madeleine Mackenzie - The flow is okay but it's to much M sounds for me

    Juliet Eleanor - LOVE THIS

    Lucy Rose - I LOVE LUCY , it's my daughters name :)

    Ava Jane - very classy, I really like it despite the popularity of Ava.

    Natalie Clare - I like Clare but I'm not huge on Natalie

    Maura Katherine - I love Katherine spelled like this

    Sophia Louise - i love how this flows

    Audrey Grace - I love Audrey it's a classic with a modern vibe

    Grace Elizabeth - it's okay kind of predictable.

    I would pick Lucy Eleanor or Sophia Audrey for a girl

    and Henry William or Jack Ryan for a boy.

    Good Luck :)

    Source(s): mommy to lucy, sebastian, jude, oliver and charlotte
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  • 1 decade ago


    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander like

    Andrew Ryan like

    William (Billy) Kenneth like

    James Bradley like

    Rhett William like

    Adam Robert like

    Evan James like

    Henry Lee like

    Colby Luke like

    Daniel Robert like

    Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen like

    Samuel (Sam) Christopher like

    Jeremy James dislike

    Ian Michael dislike

    Jack Andrew like

    Wheeler Michael dislike

    Gunner Joseph dislike


    Madeleine Mackenzie like

    Juliet Eleanor like

    Lucy Rose like

    Ava Jane like

    Natalie Clare like

    Maura Katherine dislike

    Sophia Louise dislike

    Audrey Grace like

    Grace Elizabeth love

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  • James Bradley

    Evan James

    Colby Luke

    Daniel Robert

    Ian Michael

    Jack Andrew

    Wheeler Michael

    Gunner Joseph

    Ava Jane

    Natalie Clare

    Maura Katherine

    Sophia Louise

    Audrey Grace

    Source(s): HRM
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  • 1 decade ago

    Nicholas Alexander- like but is kinda typical

    Andrew Ryan [Andy?]- not a fan of andrew regardless of middle name

    William Kenneth- like, very classy

    James Bradley- from assosiates of mine, james makes me think fat

    Rhett William- like, a timeless name

    Adam Robert- a bit plain for me

    Evan James- one of my faves from your list!

    Henry Lee- like, simple and flows nice

    Colby Luke- another fave! also like Colby Lucas

    Daniel Robert- again kinda plain.. maybe its the name Robert.. lol

    Thomas Stephan- neutral

    Samuel Christopher- like. also, Sammy?

    Jeremy James- like, depending on last name

    Ian Michael- like. sounds like a ROCK STAR

    Jack Andrew- dislike

    Wheeler Michael- like the first name

    Gunner Joseph- prob my top fave

    Madeleine Mackenzie- like. [Maddy??]

    Juliet Eleanor- sounds sort of old.. hard to imagine a child w this name

    Lucy Rose- like. very sophisticated

    Ava Jane- one of my faves

    Natalie Clare- not so much

    Maura Katherine- dislike

    Sophia Louise- another 'old' sounding name (to me)

    Audrey Grace- like

    Grace Elizabeth- neutral

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