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which town would be best in my book?

ok im writing a book about vampires...I know and just about every other teenage girl. but these r the classic, blowing up in sunlight, garlic, holy water, wooden stake vampires. and if u say forks washington im going to go insane. here r the towns

DuPont Washington population 2,452

Eatonville Washington population 2,012

Ocean Shores Washington population 3,836

Port Hadlock Washington-Irondale population 3,476

and best I mean: most rainy days of the year, most interesting history, and most trees nearby.

and no negative comments please. I love washington and small towns.


for the last freaking time!!! I am NOT trying to rewrite the twilight series!!! I was raised on horror movies so I love vampires, zombies, wearwolves, mummys, ext!!! to even prove it ask me any horror movie question!!! it could be about: pumpkin head, freddie cruger, jayson vorheys, michael meyers, any body!!! I was born into horror so finding a small rainy town that is sorda eerie is perfect for my book so!!! horror is in my blood!!! lol!!! seriously.

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    Ok... I can tell you really want to write this book and you aren't going to let anyone stop you.

    So maybe you should just... fiddle with the plot a little, lol.

    Ok so here is what I think:

    1. Don't have it in Washington. I know you "love washington and small towns" but as soon as readers see this they will think Twilight rip even if it isn't. Choose a different location.

    2. Change your vampires. Make them vampires that nobody has heard of before. Make them original. Maybe even change the name.. instead of calling them "vampires" call them something else.. like hunters or feeders or something like that.

    3. And of course, most importantly, change the plot. Nothing even a sliver close to Twilight or Dracula.

    Best of luck.

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    you already asked this question.

    so, once again, why don't you go with Forks, Washington. That way you can rip off the place and plot from Twilight, and the style from Dracula. Congratulations, there is your book.

    ok, now go insane. FORKS.

    EDIT::::: Just because you love horror movies/stories it doesn't mean that you aren't ripping off the story from Twilight and Dracula. Not trying to be mean, I'm just being honest. You are. Look at the facts:

    Twilight related: you want to write a book about vampires in a small town in Washington where there are tree's nearby and it rains most days of the year.

    Dracula Related: "blowing up in sunlight, garlic, holy water, wooden stake vampires."

    you are just combining the vampires from Dracula and the place from Twilight. The plot may be different but you are taking the key facts/setting/characters from other books.

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  • 1 decade ago

    People should stop trying to write their own version of the Twilight series.

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