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Where is a good place to view the city lights of richmond from a high hill/spot?

I'm looking for an area, in the hampton roads area or in richmond where you can see city lights at night from a high hill or some type of high area. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are a few spots in Richmond, but not many. The eastern part of the city is the better bet. Coming in to the city from Route 5 (through Richmond it is Main Street but outside of Richmond it is Osborne Turnpike/New Market Road) there is a beautiful view overlooking the city. However, there is no parking in this area.

    If you do want a spot to park, I would go to Church Hill. Most of Church Hill is private property. However, there are spots that are parkland. One is the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument located in Libby Park. The next is Chimborazo Park where the old civil war hospital is located. (This is part of the Richmond Battlefield Park system.)

    Hampton Roads is rather flat, I am unaware of any hills overlooking any city lights there.

    I hope that this helps. Good luck!

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