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neck pain after car crash?

i was in a pretty bad car crash last night, and today my neck and upper back are very sore.

when we crashed, the air bag hit me and i was yanked pretty hard by the seat belt. do you think it's just whiplash, or should i schedule a doctor's app.?

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    OK when you are in a car crash the following happens.

    Ligaments, tendons and muscles are physcially torn. In addition, you will usually have a misalignment in the joints of the neck.

    However, this is not a quick fix. It will take about 3-4 weeks for the soft tissues of your neck to get to a point where they are healed enough to support your head and neck properly. Most likely, you will be experiencing pain until then at least. Then you should have a chiropractor help realign your neck. This will then help to accelerate the healing process.

    So I recommend that you see a chiropractor. They have Ultrasound and e-stim that will help repair the soft tissue until you can be adjusted. Then all these things will help your body to heal.

    The whole process will take anywhere from 8 wks - 6 months (or longer) depending on how your body responds. The quickest I have seen a person fully recover was 7 weeks. At the longest, it could be permanent, It is best to get it looked at now to make sure your neck heals properly.

    Btw, If you start having any visual disturbances with a headache, get to the ER right away. You could have a slow bleed inside your head. This is not very likely, but it is better to know about it and know what to do than to just let it go.

    I really wish you the best

    Source(s): I'm a chiropractor
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    I was in a bad car crash too in christmas 08, it sounds like whiplash.

    DO visit a doctor, he can prescribe you pain killers. They help a hell of a lot. If you have a court case going on, the doctor can put it on his records.

    I had very bad whiplash too, I can tell you to get some of this gel, it is cooling gel in a little tube, it works wonders. You just rub it into your neck and it soothes it ALOT.

    Painkillers darling, i'm afraid the doctor can't do much about whiplash. And do look into that gel. It fits in your handbag and everything. You get it at the local pharmacy :]

    Get better soon!!! x

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    U need to consult an Orthopedic surgeon asap.

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    more than likely, it's whiplash. just keep chuggin pills and if it gets worse, then call a doctor

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