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playing ps3 in car using power inverter?

i want to play my ps3 in my car but it takes to much juice to power on and you have to connect the power invertor to the car battery which i do not want to do. i want to buy a used battery and use it to power the ps3 which takes 380 watts maximum power. is it safe to buy a used battery and put it in your car to power a power inverter and play ps3?

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    Dude, I have done it. I had to buy a big power inverter. I stoped using it because it made my system really hot and the car got crazy hot, too hot for the air conditioning to keep up with. Please dont do it.

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    Matters How Many Watts It Is Some Would Be OK

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    you need an inverter the ps3 does not run off of 12 volts dc

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    Wow, what a loser, play at home, and enjoy the road, video games is not all.

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