Where is the Hotel California located that is the Eagles song Hotel California?

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    The song's lyrics describe the title establishment as a luxury resort where "you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave." On the surface, the song tells the tale of a weary traveler who becomes trapped in a nightmarish luxury hotel that at first appeared inviting and tempting. The song is generally understood to be an allegory about hedonism and self-destruction in the Southern California music industry of the late 1970s; Don Henley called it "our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles" and later reiterated "..it's basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about." In 2008, Don Felder described the origins of the lyrics:

    "Don Henley and Glenn wrote most of the words. All of us kind of drove into LA at night. Nobody was from California, and if you drive into LA at night... you can just see this glow on the horizon of lights, and the images that start running through your head of Hollywood and all the dreams that you have, and so it was kind of about that... what we started writing the song about. Coming into LA... and from that Life In The Fast Lane came out of it, and Wasted Time and a bunch of other songs."

    The abstract nature of the lyrics has led listeners to their own interpretations over the years, including some claims, spread by word of mouth and internet, of Satanic aspects. Other rumors suggested that the "Hotel California" was referring to a hotel run by cannibals, the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, or a metaphor for cancer. These claims have been consistently refuted by the band.

    The term "colitas" in the first stanza of the song is a desert flower, also known as Antelope sage or Colita de Rata . Both Don Henley and Don Felder have repeatedly and publicly stated that Colitas are "heady desert flowers." Others assert that "colitas" is a Spanish term for "little tails" or "little bottoms", and a reference to the buds of the Cannabis plant.

    According to Glenn Frey's liner notes for The Very Best of Eagles, the use of the word "steely" in the lyric (referring to knives) was a playful nod to band Steely Dan, who had included the lyric "Turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening" in their song "Everything You Did."

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    Where is the Hotel California located that is the Eagles song Hotel California?

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    Where Is Hotel California

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    While working at GMT Studios of Culver City, CA as an account executive (Copy of my business card) I had booked the Eagles Band for 3 weeks of closed set rehearsals, this before the start of their "when hell freezes over tour" circa 1994. I was also doing prison ministry work at the real "Hotel California" CRC prison of Norco, CA this while during the time frame that I had booked the Eagles Band at GMT Studios. There is a full mock up prison set at GMT studios next door to the stage where I had booked the Eagles band and always wanted to ask Don Henley if GMT's mock prison set look a little familiar to him :) Perhaps some other time. (Also be sure to review my douglas of newport site, where I share updates and also solicit for scripts, TV pilots and movie projects)

    The Eagles band singing their popular song Hotel California, a song about an inmate's time (Its been inferred it was Don Henley) who did time at the CRC prison, Norco, California, a minimum security prison facility. A lot of prisons have nick names. A prison out by Adelanto, CA is called Camp Snoopy because it is a very minimum security facility.

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    In a 2007 interview with 60 Minutes, composer Don Henley described HOTEL CALIFORNIA as “a song about … excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about.” It seems that Henley and the Eagles are not arguing that the American culture of decadence and wealth is a sham, but rather how easy it is to be trapped in the high life and having to deal with the dark underside of the music industry.

    Unfortunately, however, we learned that the HOTEL CALIFORNIA of Todos Santos is not related to the song. In fact, the song is not about a hotel at all, but rather an allegory or metaphor about loss of innocence of artists who find themselves ensnared in the “glittering web” of life in the music industry.

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    It's in Todos Santos, Mexico. Peter Buck has a place there and puts on a music festival at the Hotel California every January. Check it out.

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    Its made up, at the time they wrote the song

    Its more of a symbol of what they were living at that time, than a real hotel. It symbolizes the Eagles' world they were living in.

    Ive always thought the hotel on the cover was the

    Beverly Wilshire.

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    If you're talking about the album cover, it was a picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel off of Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills, CA, The inside/back cover group shot with the crowd of people was done at the Lido Hotel in Hollywood (now the Lido Apartments).

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    The mission bell is something that once was a regular sound in California. We have many missions that were founded long ago. Some still have bells that ring on certain occasions. This is what the line is talking about. He was probably driving along the Pacific Coast Highway ( where a lot of missions are located along ). The she is a beautiful woman, possibly a "woman of the evening" or something along those lines. Hope you can take it from here. This is one of my favorite songs.

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    If you mean the album cover, then that's the Beverly Hills Hotel, in California.

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