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Why are skinny people not deemed as "real women"?

The media criticises designers for the models they use because they see it as them using these women as a representation of what a woman is and designers say they use these women because the attention is supposed to be on the clothes and they are just hangers (how lovely). So then the media portrays real women as a size 12(UK). Why is this okay? Why should either be telling us what a real woman is? Isn't portraying a "real" woman as a size 12 (or any size) just to make others feel good discriminatory? Why should someone feel inadequate (either way) if they are naturally that size?

This article really annoyed me and prompted me to ask:


I'm sorry, why are skinny women** lol.

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    1 decade ago
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    "We asked a real woman to road-test it for us, proving that even the most gorgeous size 12 lady can't make it look good." lol!!

    To answer your question.... I doubt the article attempts to insult you or make u feel inadequate. It's just media... tossers selling a story. Clearly Alison Tyler is writing some PR material for M&S. You'll know how bad m&s have been doing of late, they're just trying to make it all better.

    Size zero is already such a controversial topic these days and advertising is a sly occupation. It's manipulative and in this case has clearly used the controversy to make women in Britain choose M&S over other brands. You see, the average size (And therefore the largest demographic) of women in GB is a 14. By relating to them, complimenting them and showing them they're more beautiful than Cheryl Cole in M&S products, M&S are emotionally manipulating a huge group of women into choosing them over other brands in their bikini needs. Its all about the money!

    Don't buy into it, just love yourself and do your thing.

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    I feel like the heart of the matter is that there seems to be an ongoing effort to define what a "real woman" is based on the shape of her body. Aside from the fact that this is incredibly insulting to women at both ends of the size spectrum, it tells women that:

    1) we don't celebrate diversity

    2) we expect them to conform to some sort of preconceived notion about what the world/media/men find attractive

    3) Worst of all, we only care what they look like.

    Personally I'm an American and have been fed up for a long time. I'm 30 and I remember being about 10 years old when this question about what is "average" for a woman's size started becoming a media issue. Seems like the consensus has always been that an average woman is between size 10 - 16. I don't have any opinion on those sizes, and I don't know who decided that it was average, but all I can say is that I know a lot of women munch bigger and much smaller. What all of this serves to do is make women resent each other for what they think the other is secretly saying/thinking about the others body. This is such a personal thing, why should we be worried that our very DNA is offending someone? Or, why should they have to endure people believing that something is "wrong" with them. Plus people look at you sideways when you gain or lose weight. Speaking from personal experience, I lost about 40 lbs in the last three years, went from a size 10 to size 4. I'm a healthy weight for my height and am at a healthy BMI. I'm not underweight or overweight medically. However, I've received nothing but "concern" about me new smaller body. I was even told that I "just don't look like myself". As if anyone else can tell me what I'm supposed to look like. Like I'm supposed to have 30 or 40 lbs of extra fat to be normal. I don't want to be told what I'm supposed to look like and I don't know any other woman who does.

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    because there is a huge part of the media that portray skinny women as real women,a huge majority of women in the media are very thin so that puts pressure on every woman to be 'normal' like them, its a backlash against that saying look your healthy beautiful and have curves and that's ok,women think there not normal or fat because they are shapely,

    but i think its all PC bull and taken too far when it goes into this 'real' woman thing, i know girls who are very thin naturally who dont have huge breasts or hips and dont feel very womanly because of it, there are other woman who dont have a svelte stomach and arms and dont feel womanly, all these size 12 real women are so toned on the tv,like the real women dove models, its all a marketing ploy!! even Kellogg's special K now have this amazingly fit size 10/12 model making us feel that we have to conform to this,maybe its alot closer to a size 16 to diet down than to get to a size 8 so more people will be taken in by this 2 weeks Challenge, while in the world of celeb when celebs put on weight and are a size 10/12 they complain about being fat and are called fat, so whats a girl to think

    I think if you are extremely unhealthy either underweight or overweight you shouldn't be praised,why would anyone be praised for putting there health in danger, most women in the UK are size 14/16 which is not healthy but that's averages and 'normal' so is that then real?

    The media are always going to be pushing some ideal onto us and making us feel bad so we'll buy into it its how marketing works, dont let anyone make you think your not beautiful

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    I'm a size 4, of course we're real women. I've always been athletic and toned, was in the Marine Corps 6 years, Army Guard 5 years, had two sons, still weigh the same as I did at hs graduation. The media is out for one thing only, to make money; they appeal to all women (and guys) of all sizes, shapes, race, age and sexuality. They're out to target any and all consumers, from toddlers to Grandma.. Obesity due to genetics is a very, very small number - almost non-existent. Obesity is overwhelmingly due to overeating and lack of exercise..

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    I think in this case they mean real women in the sense that they don't spend all day with a personal trainer and chef making steamed fish and veggies for every meal.

    women who are thin for a living (ie. actresses and models) really don't live a realistic life. Most women are too busy to work out all day and need their brains to get through the day so they can't be starving all the time.

    The problem is, when you look at women in the magazines all the time, you start to think size zero is normal. I think size 12 is a little big too, but it's certainly a more common size for womenin the real world.

    Even what you and I may consider a "skinny" woman would probably seem a little chubby standing next to a supermodel.

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    1 decade ago

    I totally agree with you.

    It seems to be socially acceptable for a thin woman to be repeatedly asked what they eat. Imagine asking a morbidly obese person that! They`re frequently thought to have an eating disorder, or a drug addiction.

    If they DO have an eating disorder, they are filled with self hatred so the negative comments just reinforce those. If they are drug addicted, they often neglect their health, since their drugs are the priority.Hardly feeling to be envied.

    Some women have naturally endomorphic / ectomorphic body types (long distance runners, catwalk models often fall into these groups, though some do abuse their bodies because of external pressures to do so).Just like some women (the majority, it seems) have a tendency to be curvy.

    Oh, and thin women are thought to have no feelings since it seems to be OK for them to be told "eww, your hips/ribs/shoulders/whatever stick out, that`s gross" .

    I don`t get why people can`t just live and let live.

    Source(s): It pi$$es me off, too!
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    I never thought of it as insulting thinner women before - we all want to be thin! But most of us aren't - real women aren't perfect, the average size in the UK is a size 16.

    As for the comment that a size 12 is too big - I'm sorry, that is why people get upset. A size 12 is not too big, unless you're five foot nothing. A size 12 usually falls into the acceptable bmi rate for women.

    I wouldn't take the "real women" as an insult. Just women struggling to accept that they never will be a size 8 again, and trying to relax about weight issues. That is most of us!

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    1 decade ago

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine, too. The magazines over here in the US do the same thing. I think it's to make chubby chicks feel better about themselves. But insulting skinny chicks is just as wrong as insulting chubby girls! But they don't seem to see it that way.

    I've been thin, and I've been chubby. I think I was a real woman no matter what my size was. I am currently losing weight, and I think that when I am done, I will still be just as real a woman as I am now.

  • Mattie
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    1 decade ago

    Bitter insecurity and envy, as always. People who are secure with themselves don't feel the need to criticise or look down on others, they either keep their mouths shut or praise. If you can't say anything nice then do not say anything at all. Insecure people who dislike themselves insult and criticise other people. If people were happy with themselves they wouldn't feal jealous of the figure they don't have and they wouldn't feel the need to criticise the object of their desire. It works the other way too. If you know someone who insults and criticises the curvier figure, I'd put money on it that they secretly wish they looked that way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh this pis ses me off soo much

    im quite small (size 6 uk) and its so rude when they say oh yeah your not a real woman your just a bag of sticks

    yet they whine when they get called fat

    ive tried to put on weight for the last year bt it just doesnt happen

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