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does any on the boxing section think?

That pacquiao will actual ko cotto?

I don't think the pacman has the power of a welterweight like mosley and clottey and they didn't even knock cotto down

Pacman may have the speed but not enough power to knock cotto out


Cotto may not have the greatest chin but getting hit with gloves with plaster and only dropping to ur knees twice? That has to be a good chin

At 140 he had problems in his chin but at 147 he's more stable and should get knocked down by pacman unless he doesn't block his punches a lot

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    no, i think Pacman will not run through Cotto like he did against Hatton, because he is way better and bigger than Hatton. Pacquiao knows this, and will look to box alot more and abandon the seek and destroy mode he used against Ricky Hatton. that said, it should still be a tough fight and Pacquiao will win a close unanimous decision.

  • Sean G
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    I dont think Pacquiao will literally "knock out" Cotto. Cotto is strong and has a good chin. Pacquiao is moving up and I don't think his power is welterweight KO power...but I think he will hit guys with so many punches he can get KOs by accumilation of punches. Against Cotto, I think Pacquiao will get a TKO. Cotto is a bleeder (he has a history of bad cuts and bleeding...not just in the Clottey fight). I think Pacquiao can hit him so much that a cut starts and it can be exploited to a TKO (ref stoppage).

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    I honestly believe that pacquiao has the power to ko cotto. Lets not forget cotto doesnt have the greatest chin. He has been stunned and knocked down several times in his career. Pacquiao has power and speed. A deadly combination. Pacquiao may not knock cotto down with just one punch but an accumulation of punches to cottos head and down he goes.

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    i think pacquiao has enough power too. But, my guess is its gonna happen in a later round, with the cause of cotto being tired

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    freddie roach believes pac man will ko cotto

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    this is gonna be a good fight.

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