will the appraisal came low?

well , asking price is 139K. I offered 128K plus closing cost (seller contribution) counteroffer 133K and 3K seller contribution. Last property sold in community and only one in last 6 months (exactly like this one, but I do not know the condition inside) 124K. will the appraisal came low?

property sold in same community but 2/2 (not a 3/2) 110K and 115K

in the area 110K and 115K (not as nice as this one)

help! opinions?

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  • elle
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Let the counter die. You can do much better in this market. Find a house you cannot live without before you get into this neighborhood of mixed houses. You seem to be intested in the best house in the hood, so you might want to rethink how easy this thing will be to resell if people are wanting to look there.

    Always buy a "cheap" house in an expensive neighborhood and make it look nice. It is much easier to resell and it will make a greater return on your "investment."

    You want to get your 133K back out, plus cover your interest and broker fees when you resell at bare miinimum. In this neighborhood, with the examples given, this won't happen.

  • 1 decade ago

    this is first time in 30 years buyers are in control. do not let this get away and cave in.

    resubmit original offer. if they counter again just walk away for a few weeks and let the seller sit on home longer. You should have no fear that other buyers are interested.

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