How do we find out which winery in the Napa Valley Pelosi owns?

Why is it such a secret? Is she afraid no one will come to her winery?


All I can find out is it is a winery in St Helena. I'm sure it is a partner deal and may only be vineyard. But she will wine and dining somewhere in the Valley and I know it has been reported that she is a partial owner. So do any of you know which winery it is? BTW, when I find out, I will stop drinking that wine.

Update 2:

Auberge is a resort, not a winery and no I don't go there. Nor do I go to Solage another resort that is connected with Auberge.

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    You mean the winery worth millions to her and her hubby, just one more thing that insulates her from suffering from the taxes she tries to impose on those without her millions? That winery?

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    I don't drink any wine that comes out of California but then again, I make my own.

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    OMG: we need to know b/c she may be spiking her wine w/ the kool-aid

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    Don't know! I'm still drinking, I'll get to one of hers soon....maybe!

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