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For YA basketball players?

what was your worst moment as a player? what about the best?

my worst was yesterday, I missed the last second shot, and it was wide open.

and my best moment was getting a steal, and that steal led to us scoring and taking the lead with 2 secs left.

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    My worst moment came when i was in a 8th grade tourny, when i asked our coach if we get a trophy for third place...... it doesn't sound bad.... but I asked at halftime of the previous game, we were down by like 20, and well i got benched for the rest of the tourny!!!!!

    My best moment was in a JV game i actually recorded a triple double... got a little plaque at the end of the year, and if ya care the stats were 11points 16 rebounds and 10 assists!!!! Only the 8 th player in history of our school at the time for either JV or Varsity to record a triple double!!!

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    a million. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Magic Johnson 4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5. Wilt Chamberlain 6. invoice Russell 7. Larry chicken 8. Julius Erving 9. Oscar Roberson 10. Shaquille O'neal

  • Haha I was in fourth grade playing for my team... and at that time I wasn't a shooter. lol

    So I decided to shoot from the corner three and the ball went behind the basket adn went into the piping that held the hoop to the wall!

    My best moment was when my team was down by 8 points and there was only five minutes left(Points were hard to come by in that game) so I went into beast mode and made this nice shot over my defender and made a nice lay up. My other teammated scored and we needed a two pointer to win but there wasn't much time... so I tipped the ball away from my defender and my teammate got it and scored with only about 4 seconds left...

    Most fun game of my life.

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    Worst: Missing a few easy bank shots in a row, set up really well by my teammates

    Best: Happened yesterday, scored the game winning shot

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    Worst- was like a year ago and i missed the last second shot to win the game in double OT it was double elimination and we already lost a game so we were out till next season.

    Best- Had like 30 points against one of the best teams in the league and won so we advance to championship

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    worst was tryin out for jv and sucked missed a wide open layup airballed 4 threes and they gave it to me to take down the court and i hit it of my leg and went out of bounds and dude was defending me he just ried to scare me by yellin andi lost the ball

    best was at a ymca it was 4on4 sowe where down by 8 but to ous 3 pointers are 2's and erything else is a 1 soguy ran in i hit open three found my shot kept shooting it so they say after 2 shots ima try to *** back so my friend hit a open 2 i hit 1 more step back 2 and then it was tied who makes the next ot wins so i had it i was like on nba range they ran up double team i faked pass turned around shot a three and made it iwas called from that day on eather mt clutch or hedo turaglu lol

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    My worst was getting 4 airballs in a row and missing an easy lay-up, I was completely off that day.

    My best was actually the same game, instead of shooting, I made the right passes and helped my team come back from a 21 point deficit.

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    Worst: 4th grade basketball game..yup, shot at the wrong basket..but thank God it didn't go in hahaha Everyone was yelling, "Stop! Don't!" And my coach was laughing so hard lol

    Best: Tied game, I was sent to the foul line during the last 10 seconds and shot both foul shots in and we won. Good moment.

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    worst- i was called for traveling on a layup that would have won the game for my team(6th grade).

    best- there's 2. one was when my team was down by 20 at the half and i scored 24 points out of my teams 28 and both teams total of 30 and we won(this summer). another one is in 8th grade(last year)when we entered the league tournament without a win and we won it all:)

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    worst(um i don't play much) but i air balled a lay up, we would have still lost but embarrassing

    best, i blocked a mid range shot ran full court and scored the winning layup woo(17 seconds to go)

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