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ok. if anyone has ever printed their wedding invitation they know it's not easy as it looks. you only have so much room and so little space. I made that space issue worse by choosing an invitation style that has the wrap around thing at the top which eats up about 3 of my 8 inches. not to mention I can't get it to print all the way down the page like the sample invitation shows. so there goes another inch. any ideas how to fix that. and to top it all off I am putting my dad and step mom on one line my mom on another and his parents on another. I have it all spaced so it doesn't look all scrunched up so that's 6 lines worth of blank space. also I am having wedding and reception in two different places so I have double the wedding info to go on there. I was going to not use the wraps and put in some clipart (something fancy) or something but everywhere makes you pay or give your credit card number at least and says its free but you have to remember to cancel. and then they probably charge you for the free trial because you didn't continue the subscription. any help on any of this would be greatly appreciated. this is more or less what my invitation looks like. does it all sound good. (names and places have been changed)

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Smith


Mrs. Jane P. Perry

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of their daughter

Alice D. Watson


James B. Holt

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Holt

On Saturday, September twelve

at four O'clock in the afternoon

location of wedding


city and state

followed by a casual reception

at five-thirty in the after noon

location of reception


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    "I can't get it to print all the way down the page like the sample invitation shows. "

    Reset your printer margins to fool your printer into printing furthur down the page.

    Cut the size of your spaces. Like, make the words a font size 12, but make the spaces a font size 6.

    Do you really need his parents' names on the invite? Are they also paying?

    Save space and skip the clipart.

    Print out the info a few times on plain paper to make sure everything lines up on your invite.

    Good luck!

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    Suggested changes: [...]

    Mr. and Mrs. John T[illman] Smith

    And [and]

    Mrs. Jane P. Perry [Mrs. Thomas Alexander Perry] *

    request the honor [honour] of your presence **

    at the marriage of their daughter

    Alice D[enise] Watson

    To [to]

    [Mr.] James B[urton] Holt ***

    [Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Holt] ****

    [On] Saturday, September [twelve] twelfth

    at [four O'clock in the afternoon] four o'clock

    Trinity Methodist Church

    1234 Fifth Avenue

    Our City, Pennsylvania

    Reception to follow at half-past five o'clock

    Martin's Party House

    678 Ninth Street

    Newtown, Pennsylvania

    Kindly reply *****


    All these lines should be centered. (I realize that Yahoo! can't do that.)

    If all this won't fit on your original format, consider a different one.

    Give everybody's full names, with no abbreviations.

    * Even if Mrs. Perry does not normally refer to herself by her husband's name, in this instance it is more correct.

    ** The British spelling of "honour" is standard in wedding invitations.

    *** Be sure to add the "Mr." in front of the bridegroom's name.

    **** This type of information is rarely included. That will save space.

    ***** Or you could say R.s.v.p. You definitely need this!

    Source(s): Various etiquette books. Their detailed answers vary.
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    here's how you can save some space- instead of listing all the parents' names, just put:

    Alice D. Watson


    James B. Holt

    together with their parents

    request the honor of your presence.....

    there you go! and you don't have to list the reception info on the invitation. only the ceremony info goes on the invitation, then you include a separate card that says:

    reception immediately following at

    12 oaks country club

    smithfield, KS

    and then put the directions under it

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    Reset your printer margins.

    You could also send out a separate Reception card. We did this because our invitations were small as well. We just used business cards in the same colour as our invitations and put all the info about the reception on it, location, time, type of reception, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What do you want for clip art? I may be able to draw you something and email you a jpeg of it. :)

    Also, you can put the first "and" on the same line as "Mrs. Jane P. Perry" to save some room.

    Let me know about the clip art :)

  • 1 decade ago

    I cut out the names of the parents entirely to save space and just said ...

    Together with their parents

    Brides Name


    Grooms name

    Request the honour of your presence

    at their marriage

    etc, etc.

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