how do you say "Adore Me" in spanish?

I looked it up online and it said "adoreme"

but as i looked closer it said "adore me" just with no spaces!!

I was like wtf can anyone tell me how to say

adore me in spanish..or love me


Reading everyone's answers confused if you knew what I wanted to know for it would help better.

I want to use it as a tattoo "Adore Me" but in a foreign language

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    as someone said before, adorar is the verb.

    adorarME would be the equivalent of adore ME, but without spaces.

    adóreme is formal.

    Por favor adóreme - Please adore me

    adórame is familial

    Por favor adórame - Please adore me

    If the sentence you will use it is:

    If you adore me - the translation would be "si tu me adoras"

    If the sentence is

    When you adore me - the translation would be "cuando me adores"

    It really depends on the context. Love is amar or querer

    You could easily say amáme or quiéreme

    Edit for a tattoo:

    adórame - adore me

    ámame - love me

    quiéreme - love me

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    adorAme is with "a"

    Adorame -----> Adore me

    Adoreme is too formal

    Oro = Gold

    Dorar = To Gild (to overlay with thin covering of gold)

    Adorar = 1) To give a tribute in gold. 2) To worship

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    Adorame=adore me.

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    No, that translation's right if it's in the polite command. The verb is adorar, and its polite imperative is adrore, and me, the object pronoun is me, so add them together and you get adoreme.

    Note: it's pronounced A-DOH-REH-MEH

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  • 5 years ago

    Tu me adoras? Me adoras tu? Me adoras tu a mi? Eiether one of these 3 will work. but i like the first one best.

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