What would you do....?

1. Your name is (1)______ ______(first and last). You are a twenty year old girl from (2)________(city, country, state, etc). You and your boyfriend, (3)______ ______(first and last), have been together four years now. When it is Christmas, he proposes to you! After you scream yes, you tackle him to the ground. You decided to get married somewhere tropical, so you choose (4)_______(city, country, etc). Right after the wedding, you leave for (5)_________, to have your honeymoon.

2. When you get back home, you are surprised-yet excited-to learn you are pregnant. You ask them to keep it a surprise and not to tell you. While pregnant, your husband gets the job of his dream, a (6)_______(job title). After nine long months of waiting for you baby to be born, you give birth! Congratulations, it’s a girl! You give her a first name that means ‘star’ or ‘smile’. You give her a middle name to honor her grandmother-your mother. Her name is (7)_____ _____ _____(first, middle, last).

3. When you’re twenty-five and your daughter is five and in school, you decided you want another baby. A month later, you’re pregnant again. You want a boy this time, but ask them to keep it secret again. The whole time you have this feeling it will be a boy. And you’re right. You give birth to a healthy baby boy. His middle name is after his father and his first name is up to you. His name is (8)_____ _____ _____.

4. Your twenty-seven, your daughter is seven and your son is two. Your daughter has been begging for a puppy, so you decided buy one as an early birthday present for her. It’s a (9)_____(species), and you name him/her (10)_____.

5. Your thirty, your daughter is ten, your son is five and your puppy is now three. Your husband misses having a baby around this house, so he asks you to get pregnant again. After a year with no luck, you turn to fertility treatments. You end up pregnant with twins, but ask them not to tell you the genders. You end up giving birth to identical twin girls, one month early. Even though they are premature, they survive. You decided that one’s first name will mean ‘miracle’, while the other’s means ‘fighter’. The middle names relate to nature. Their names are (11)_____ _____ _____ and _____ _____ _____.

6. Your thirty-four, your daughter is fourteen, your son is nine and your twins are four. Your puppy recently ran away and you can’t find him/her. Your daughters and son are unhappy about this, but you don’t want another puppy. Instead, you get a kitten. It’s a (12)______(species) named (13)______.

7. Your forty, your daughter is twenty, your son is fifteen and your twins are ten and your kitten is five. Your daughter just gave you the best news! She’s getting married to her high school sweetheart! His name is (14)_____ _____(first, last). You get to pick where the wedding and honeymoon are. You choose (15)_______(city, county, etc) for the wedding and (16)________ for the honeymoon.

8. When your daughter returns from the honeymoon, she has exciting news. She’s pregnant! She doesn’t want to keep it a secret like you did, so she asks them to tell her. She tells you she is having a baby boy. She ends up giving birth a month early. She wants to give him a first name that means ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’. Then she wants you to choose the middle name. His name is (17)______ ______ ______.

9. Your forty-two, your daughter is twenty-two, your son is seventeen, your twins are twelve and your grandson is two. You kitten ran away, just like the puppy. This time you are done with animals. Your son tells you that his girlfriend, (18)_____ _____(first, last), is pregnant with his baby. You are mad at first but learn to accept it. Her parents aren’t as accepting, though. So you let her live with you. She ends up having a baby girl. Her first name honors you for letting her stay with you, and her middle name honors your husband. Her name is (19)_____ _____ _____.

10. Finally, your forty-six, your daughter is twenty-six, your son is twenty, your twins are fifteen, your grandson is six and your granddaughter is four. Your husband gets sick and dies. You are depressed by this, and when your twenty-six year old daughter tells you she is pregnant again, you lighten up. She ends up having triplets! A boy and two girls. The boys name honors your husband, while the two girls name relate to nature. The middle names are up to you. The names are (20)_____ _____ _____, _____ _____ _____ and _____ _____ _____.


My answers-

1. Sarah Jones

2. Fort Worth, Texas

3. Justin Bieber

4. Australia

5. Paris

6. Artist

7. Starlet Alise(A-Lease) Bieber

8. Daniel Justin Bieber

9. Cockapoo

10. Jaed

11. Miracle Summer and Daileigh Lake Bieber

12. Persian

13. Fluffy

14. Joshua Andrews

15. Miami, Florida

16. Germany

17. Donny Jess Andrews

18. Alison Hale

19. Sarah Jay Bieber

20. Justin Joseph, Skye Elizabeth and Rain Fay Andrews

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    1. Sophie Webb

    2. Cambridge, England

    3. Robert Marshall

    4. Barbados

    5. Sienna, Italy

    6. Football coach

    7. Kira Lynne Marshall

    8. Harley Robert Marshall

    9. Golden Retriever

    10. Maisy

    11. Amelia Skye and Olivia Lake

    12. Tabby cat

    13. Oscar

    14. Luke Matthews

    15. Paris

    16. Cannes, South France

    17. Alexander James Baker

    18. Rachel West

    19. Sophie Roberta Marshall

    20. Robert Matthew, Daisy May and Summer Marie Baker

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    1. Leesa McGhie

    2. Burlington, Ont. Canada

    3. William Kenel

    4. Cape Town, South Africa

    5. Venice, Italy

    6. Business owner

    7. Hannah Linlee Kenel

    8. Benjamin William Kenel

    9. Golden Retriever.

    10. Roxy

    11. Alison Jane & Ella Rose

    12. Tabby

    13. Merlin

    14. David Jones

    15. Charlottetown, P.E.I. Canada

    16. Cay coco Cuba

    17. Oliver James Jones

    18. Rachel Smith

    19. Leigh Willa Kenel

    20. Andrew Cedar Jones, Logan Lily Jones, Sophia Teva Jones

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    (1) Anna Bellingham

    (2) Palmerston North, NZ

    (3) Luke Christianson

    (4) New Caledonia

    (5) Europe

    (6) Astronaut

    (7) Esther Antonia Christianson

    (8) Jonathan Luke Christianson

    (9) labrador

    (10) Rufus

    (11) Milagra Sky Christianson and Averil Sage Christianson

    (12) Norwegian forest cat

    (13) Helga

    (14) Daniel Smithjonesbrown!

    (15) Antarctica

    (16) the international space station

    (17) Louis Nathaniel Christianson-Smithjonesbrown

    (18) Amanda Nicholls

    (19) Anna Luka Nicholls-Christianson

    (20) Luke Skywalker Christianson-Smithjonesbrown

    Daphne Samantha Christianson-Smithjonesbrown

    Ivy Antonia Christianson-Smithjonesbrown

    edit - i didnt have a #2

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    1. Jessica Clarke

    2. Vancouver , Canada

    3. Harvey Cullen

    4 . Hawaii

    5. Australia

    6. Tennis player

    7. Starla Louisa-Marie Clarke

    8. Isaiah Harvey-Kenter Cullen

    9. Poodle

    10. Truffles

    11. Miri Willow Clarke and Clance Rainie Clarke

    12 . Persian

    13. pretty

    14. Jacken Colden

    15. London

    16. Mexico

    17. Warren Flynn Colden

    18. Faith Daniels

    19. Jessabelle Harleigh Daniels

    20. boy: Harvey Sun Colden Girl: Willow marie Colden girl: Rain Louisa Colden .


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    1.) Nora Hart

    2.) Brighton, England, GB

    3.) Liam Dempsey

    4.) Bora Bora

    5.) Brussels, Belgium

    6.) brain surgeon

    7.) Nova Anne Dempsey (Nova is a star)

    8.) Jude Liam Dempsey

    9.) border collie: Felix

    10.) Lourdes Rose Dempsey & Averil Raine Dempsey "Raine"

    11.) white persian

    12.) Lulu

    13.) Justin Thorne

    14.) San Francisco

    15.) Paris, France

    16.) Wyatt Jacob Thorne

    17.) Liam Gabriel Thorne, Iris Sophia Thorne and Ashley Nora Thorne

  • 1.Sophie Elizabeth Jackson


    3.Connor George Betteridge




    7.Miley Jade

    8.Logan Connor



    11.Elouise Summer 'fighter' & Mireya Rose 'miracle'



    14.Ryan Ellis


    16.Las Vegas

    17.Finley Joshua

    18.BethanY Faye

    19.Sophia Georgia

    20. Connor George & Lilly Grace & Savannah Rose x

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    1// Tegan Jones

    2// Mackay QLD

    3// Grant Briggs

    4// Mackay

    5// Hawaii followed by Tasmania

    6// Carpenter

    7// Miley Meryl Briggs

    8// Malakai Simeon Briggs (sim-ee-on is hubbys middle name)

    9// Maltese Shi Tzu

    10// Beau

    11// Ness Sky & Livvi Summer Briggs

    12// Ragdoll

    13// Marshmellow

    14// Roman Daniels

    15// Mackay

    16// Hawaii - coz we loved it!

    17// Tahu Roman Daniels

    18// Laken Cullen

    19// Tamsyn Simone Briggs

    20// Simon Grant,, Winter Isobel & Autumn Mikayla Daniels

    Source(s): <3 - that was long and difficult - but fun!! -
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    1. Kelsey Lynn Smith

    2. Houston, TX

    3. Rodney Lane Johnson

    4. Belize City, Belize

    5. Italy

    6. Mechanical Contractor

    7. Danica Denise Johnson "Dan" (Danica - Hebrew for "Morning Star," Denise - My mother's middle name)

    8. Gavin Lane Johnson (Lane is my husband's middle name)

    9. Chocolate Lab

    10. Sophia

    11. Hannah Ivy Johnson and Caden Sage Johnson "Cady" (Hannah - Hebrew for "Gracious Gift of God," Caden - means fighter)

    12. Calico

    13. Callie

    14. Caleb Christian Daniels

    15. Italy

    16. Belize

    17. Gideon Caleb Daniels "Gideon - Hebrew for "Great Warrior"

    18. Lauren Elizabeth Granger

    19. Kelsey Lane Johnson

    20. Rodney Lane Daniels, Gaia Lynn Daniels, and Zanna Jane Daniels

    (Gaia - Latin for "Earth," Zanna - Latin for "Lily")

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