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1.請不要用yahoo翻譯 google翻譯...等 (希望有大師翻譯..)



所以把照片洗壞了而且也把記憶卡弄丟了,然後 ,這時候夫婦都很生氣服務員



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    A couple checked into a hotel, they asked an attendant to develop some pictures for them. Because the attendant was falling asleep, he ruined the pictures and also lost the memory card. This couple got very angry at the attendant, so this attendant paid a lot of money for compensation. The husband was very happy about the money and asked his wife to forget it. But the passionated wife said "No", "Because there are some pictures of Edison Chan in the memory card", once she said that, the attendant became a paparazzo.

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    paparazzi 是狗仔 paparazzo 的複數

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    狗仔隊的英文是 paparazzi

    【例】The paparazzi follow the couple everywhere. 狗仔隊到處跟著這對情侶(夫妻)。

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    paparazzi 這一詞是源自義大利的電影大宗師 Federico Fellini (費里尼) 1960 年的電影作品 La Dolce Vita《甜蜜生活》。

    在這部電影裡有一個由 Walter Santesso 飾演, 名叫 Paparazzo 的專門跟拍美國影星照片的攝影記者。之後, 便開始有人用 paparazzo 的複數 paparazzi 來形容狗仔隊了。

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    There was a couple went to a hotel. They asked the attendant to develop their photos. The attendant turned out falling asleep by accident, and he destroy the photos and lost the memory card. Then, this couple were pretty mad at this attendant. The attendant gave the husband a lot of money as indemnification, so he became happy and asked his wife to let go. But the flaming wife disagreed. She said that there are pictures of Edison Chan in the memory card. After the wife done speaking, the attendant changed to paparazzi immediately.


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    樓上翻譯因該絕大部分都是是電子辭典翻吧= =




    (One day)A couple moved into the hotel,


    they called the server help them to dvelop the photos



    ;however,the server messed up the photos and lose the memory card because he fall asleep.


    They were both angry at the server.


    Then,the server refunded a lot,the husband were very happy and told his wife forget about the photos.


    But the emotional wife said :"No way!"

    他太太說因為那記憶卡裡面有陳冠希的照片,一說完服務生就變身成為狗仔 .

    The server became a paparazzi as soon as she said there were photos of Edison in the memory card.

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    Some couples move in the hotel, they call the hotel the service person washes the picture, because finally the service person was not careful has fallen asleep, therefore washed the picture goes bad and has also lost the memory card, then, at this time husbands and wives very much the being angry service person then service person have given her husband many money compensations, therefore he changed very happy, and urged his wife to consider as finished. But mood spirited wife then said not good, his wife said that because that memory Cary surface has Chen Guanxi's picture, a saying server changes the body becomes the dog young.


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