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do floresent light bulbs grow plants?

I need a light bulb that i can get in a small town that grows plants

(small town)

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    florescent bulbs really provide good spectrum light as like sun so most of gardeners use in when they growing plants in indoor. Also i think its easily available near by hydroponic store other wise you have to order it online.

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    Fluorescent lights are a good way to provide a natural light spectrum in your garden while cutting down on waste heat produced by light bulbs. Fluorescent lights are preferred for starting seeds and delicate seedlings. Increase your garden's productivity with fluorescent lights and fixtures from reputed names like Agrosun, Green Thumb, and Hydrofarm. and now many options and mediums available so that you can purchase florescent light bulb online.

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    key is balance substrate lights CO2 fertilizers any one of the last 3 are far more powerful than the others..... algae factory. in regards to lights T5 is preferable to T8 heavy in blue and red spectrums 5000k-10000k range is ideal if its say for growing plants it's crap (2600k) range usually. go with a highnoon bulb like a hagen life glo 2 if your going to boost the light, boost the co2 as well either by diy or seachem excel Otto cats and amano shrimp are your algae eating buddies and well really help groom your tank for you. I highly recommend them. Start with a pair of otto's and 1 amano and work from there. Get more as needed. good luck!!!! good luck....

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    Let me add to "Nail's" response. When buying the Florescent bulbs,

    make sure they are "Full Spectrum" bulbs. There's a difference between regular florescent and the full spectrum bulbs. Some places call the Full Spectrum bulbs "Grow Lights"

    Source(s): My daughter lives in Alaska and where she works (Hospital) she says that when it stays dark all day,she often sits in front of the Full Spectrum light at work The lights are suppose to give you the same effects as sitting out in the sun
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