Pokemon strengths in evolution?

Okay, heres what I'm wondering: I have a Magmar that I'm going to evolve into a Magmortar. However, The Magmar is level 30 and can be evolved into Magmortar at anytime, even a lower level.

I do not have a second DS to trade with right now to evolve it. I'm wondering about the STATS. Will they increase accordingly or will starting off as a Magmortar actually end up being stronger in the end?

I know it must evolve before level 67 to learn Hyper Beam, but this is about stats not skills. (Magmortar can learn everything Magmar can anyways)


Why did I think Magmortar might end up stronger? I thought it might gain more stats per level up. That was really my question. Do pre evolved forms gain less stats than their evolved forms?

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    Let's compare, shall we?

    Magmar's base stats are the following:

    65 HP

    95 Atk

    57 Def

    100 Sp. Atk

    85 Sp. Def

    93 Spe

    Magmortar's base stats are the following:

    75 HP

    95 Atk

    67 Def

    125 Sp. Atk

    95 Sp. Def

    83 Spe

    Magmortar has more defenses and Sp. Attack than Magmar, although Magmar is a little faster. Honestly, it does not matter-at all-if you start as a Magmar or a Magmortar because in the end they are going to end up with the same stats. How you came up with the idea that there would be a difference I have no idea. Just remember, it doesn't matter when you evolve it, it's going to be just as strong if you evolve it at level 1 or at level 100.

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    it wont end up any stronger, its better to start off as magamr tho, as there are some moves magamr can learn that magmortar can

    Source(s): serebii.net
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