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What can a Pittsburgh Pirates fan do to voice displeasure with team?

I bought a ticket packet with 10 tickets in it and have already paid. I might as well go so I was thinking of wearing the paper bag. Any other ideas for the game or in general I have been a fan since I was born and am just disgusted and need a way to vent my frustration.

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    Maybe you can make a sign that says, "Hey Pirates, I've never played pro baseball either, maybe you can sign/trade for me!!!" or "I have more MLB experience than our starting 9" or "If we could, we'd trade our stadium too."

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    You could stand at the ticket counter and tell people not to buy tickets, but you'd get thrown out before long. You could demand a refund, but I don't know if you would get it. The best way to protest any business is not to buy their services. Don't buy any more tickets, shirts, etc., and get your friends to do the same. If the whole city of Pittsburgh did the same, the owners might get the picture.

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    The entire baseball world is aware of the frustration of Pirates fans. Believe me, we all have great sympathy for your guys.

    But look at the bright side, both the Steelers and Penguins had just won championships! That should be more than enough to ease the baseball fan's pain.

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    You already are. there is not any try you ought to take! The baseball group a fella likes has no longer something to do with geography. you like what you like. in basic terms persist with those Pirates in the standings and take opportunities to examine approximately them. Books, television exhibits, magazines, blogs, and on and on are all sturdy supplies for counsel. anyplace you reside: ask for forgiveness to no guy on your techniques.

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    Or just go with a Pirates shirt on that should show displeasure.

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    wear an andrew mchutchen or zach duke jersey and put a for sale sign on the back because you know as soon as anyone gets good they get shipped out of town soon enough. i think its a great idea

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    i like the 2nd guy answer do that

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    not go to a game lol

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