FBI HRT(Hostage Rescue Team)?

The FBI's HRT is an elite unit if I am not mistaken. I am very interesting in knowing exactly what it takes to join. I know that they would like you to have some extensive combat training along with being a Special Agent. But what kind of Combat Training exactly? Would they prefer say a Cavalry Scout in the US Army over Local SWAT?

I'm just trying to get a feel for exactly what they want. And yes I know it is and sounds very tough.

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    To qualify for HRT you first need to be able to become a special agent for the FBI. This means a degree in one of the fields they are looking for like a law degree, accounting, or a science/ forensics degree, or speak a Arabic/ farsi/ korean fluently. After your an agent then you can join HRT. They mainly recuirt for HRT directly out of Special ops Green berets, rangers, and Seals.

    Tactical Experience Requirements.

    To qualify for the Tactical Recruiting Program (TRP), you will need to bring some special skills, talents, and experience. All candidates will be rated based on their experience levels, and the most qualified will be eligible for this program. Each candidate will have the opportunity to summarize tactical training and experience in the Tactical Recruiting Program on-line application, which may be accessed after completing the Special Agent application. Here is a snapshot of those qualifications:

    Must have at least 3 years of tactical experience in either law enforcement or the military.

    Law Enforcement Experience:

    With a Federal Agency tactical team (This category includes all Military Police.).

    Or with a Local/County/State Agency or Department tactical team.

    - Full-time tactical team experience will carry more weight than part-time experience.

    - Completion of continuing education courses in at least three of the following: Basic SWAT • Advanced SWAT • Hostage Rescue • High Risk Arrest • Barricaded Subject • Basic Sniper/Observer • Advanced Sniper/Observer • Tactical Firearms • Mechanical Breaching

    Military Experience – Army

    Combat Arms experience. Service in Special Forces Group or Ranger Regiment will carry more weight.

    Military Experience – Navy

    Must have served in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL or Naval Special Warfare Officer.

    Military Experience – Marine Corps

    Combat Arms experience.

    Military Experience – Air Force

    Must have served in Combat Controller, Combat Rescue (Pararescue), or Tactical Air Control Party fields

    Source(s): Police Officer
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    Copy and paste that, thats the main website by the FBI for the HRT, it has every bit of information you could want.

    Merry Christmas. :)

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