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What are your favorite names for each letter?

Here Ish Mine :)

A- Adam&Addison

B- Braxton&Blakely

C- Cameron&Chandra

D- Daniel&Dana

















U-Ulysses&Uma? lol

V- Vince&Vada





What's Yours? O.o

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    A- Adam & Audrey

    B- Brandon (my 11 y/o son) & Brenna

    C- Connor & Caitlin

    D- Donovan & Delaney (my 3 y/o daughter)

    E- Evan & Elise

    F- Fredrick & Felicity

    G- Gavin & Glenda (my mother's name)

    H- Hayden (my 1 y/o son's name) & Hallie

    I- Ian & Iris

    J- Jackson (g-grandma) & Josephine (g-grandma & daughter's middle)

    K- Kyle (my 13 y/o son)& Kelley

    L- Lucas & Lorelei

    M- Marcus & Matilda

    N- Nathaniel & Natalie

    O- Oliver & Olivia

    P- Patrick & Phoebe

    Q- Quin & Quinn

    R- Ryan & Rayne

    S- Sean & Saffron

    T- Thomas & Tatum

    U- NONE

    V- Vaughn & Vivienne

    W- Willem & Willamina

    X- Xavier & NONE

    Y- NONE

    Z- NONE & Zoe

    Source(s): Obsessed w/baby names, Military Wife & Mother of 4 (13 y/o son, 11 y/o son, 3 y/o daughter & 1 1/2 y/o son)
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    Amelie, Atticus Bethany, Bradley Charlotte, Carter Daphne, Dorian Everley, Evan/Elijah Florence, Frederick Gaia, Gideon Hazel, Hunter Ivy, Ilias Josephine, Jameson Kieva, Kian Luella, Linus Marley, Manuel Niamh, Nolan Olive, Orion Piper (Poppy), Porter Quinn, Quentin River, Remy Sage, Seamus Thea, Theodore Ulia, Upton Violet, Vincent Willa, Wilson Xavia, Xavier Yolanda, Yuki Zadie, Zavier

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    1. Alice and Aiden

    2. Blake and Bailey

    3. Caden and Callie

    4. Destiny and Damian

    5. Elizabeth and Edward

    6. Faith and Finn

    7. Gabriel and Grace

    8. Hope and Harley

    9. Isabella and Ivan

    10. Jocelynn and Jacob

    11. Kieran and Kaylee

    12. Landon and Lily

    13. Megan and Mark

    14. Nevaeh and Noah

    15. Owen and Olivia

    16. Paige and Patrick

    17. Quinn (boy) and Quinta

    18. Rachelle and Reese

    19. Stephan and Stacey

    20. Tristan and Trinity

    21. Umiyo (girl) and Uli

    22. Victoria and Vladimir

    23. William and Whitney

    24. Xander and Xailey

    25. Yara and Yale

    26. Zachary and Zara

    *star* Awesome

    Source(s): Uli in German means noble leader I thought it was cool. Not many U names at all XD
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    A- Asher and Avery

    B- Brody and Bridgett

    C- Carter and Cassia

    D- Dorrin and Delia

    E- Emery and Ellony

    F- Fenry and Faith

    G- Grant and Gillian

    H- Henning and Hero

    I- Ink and Isla

    J- James and Juniper

    K- Keaton and Kate

    L- Liam and Lucy

    M- Morgan and Mathilda

    N- Nash and Natalie

    O- Oliver and Orley

    P- Poppy and Peter

    Q- Quil and Quintie

    R- Ryker and Rose

    S- Sean and Scarlett

    T- Taver and Talia

    U- Uwin and Uliana

    V- Vicktor and Vera

    W- Wyatt and Willa

    X- Xanthra and Xack

    Y- Yates and Yra (ee-rah)

    Z- Zade and Zora

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    A: Amelie & Arthur

    B: Blair & Brighton

    C: Cate & Charlie

    D: Daphne & Dean

    E: Eden & Edward

    F: Fleur & Finn

    G: Gwenyth & Gabe

    H: Helena & Holden

    I: Imogen & Ian

    J: Juliette & Jude

    K: Keira & Kellan

    L: Lily & Leon

    M: Marie & Milo

    N: Niamh & Nate

    O: Ophelia & Oliver

    P: Paloma & Parker

    Q: Quinn & Quinn?

    R: Rowan & Regan

    S: Susana & Sebastian

    T: Tegan & Tucker

    U: Uzi & Ulysses?

    V: Vivienne & Vance

    W: Willow & William

    X: Xyla & Xander

    Y: Yvonne & Yves

    Z: Zoey & Zach

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    A- Adelaide & Aidan

    B- Bethany & Bailey

    C- Claudia & Casey

    D- Dayna & Dylan

    E- Emily & Elijah

    F- Felicity & Fred

    G- Georgia & Gordon

    H- Holly & Hamish

    I- Isabel & Ignatuis

    J- Jacqueline & Jaxon

    K- Keeley & Kody

    L- Lara & Lewis

    M- Megan & Max (same as you lol)

    N- Nicolette & Nathan

    O- Olia & Oliver

    P- Paisley & Presley

    Q- Quenlyn & Quinton

    R- Ruby & Riley

    S- Skyler & Shaun

    T- Tara & Taylor

    U- Urla & ????

    V- Violette & Victor

    W- Willa & William

    X- Xara & Xander

    Y- Yara & ????

    Z- Zoey & Zander

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    Someone asked this about 5 minutes ago let me paste it

    Adam and Anastcia

    Brody and Brooke

    Carter and Christine

    Davis and Delilah

    Ethan and Eliza

    Frederick and Felicity

    Gavin and Giselle

    Hunter and Hallie

    Issaiah and Isla

    Juliet and James

    Kylie and Kent

    Leila and Lucas

    Marissa and Matthew

    Natalie and Nate

    Ophelia and Oliver

    Primrose and Patrick

    Quinn and Quinton

    Reese and Rhys

    Sienna and Sampson

    Tiffany and Tucker

    Uma and Ulysses

    Victoria and Vincent

    Whitney and William

    Xian and Xander

    Yasmina and Yuri

    Zara and Zachary

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    I like interesting names :D I starred my favorites

    Boy, Girl

    A- *Aiden, *Aria

    B- Beck, Belle

    C- *Cyrus (although it's kinda ruined because of Hannah Montana >_>), *Cerys

    D- Dante, Desirae

    E- Ezra, Eva

    F- Finley,Fae

    G- Giovanni,Gianna

    H- *Haydn, Hadley (both names for both genders)

    I- Ignatius, Ira

    J- Jadyn (both genders)

    K- Kaylen, Karma

    L- Les, *Lily

    M- *Mason, *Mei

    N- Nolan, Nyla

    O- Owen, Ophelia

    P- Peyton, Phoenix

    Q- Quinn, Qianna

    R- Rowan, Rae

    S- *Sol, *Serenity

    T- Tobias, Tierra

    U- Uriel, Una

    V- Von, Valencia

    W- Waverley, Willow

    X- Xavior, Xara

    Y- Yousef, Yuna

    Z- Zephyr, Zoey

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    Wow - you have both my and my two best friend's names. :D That NEVER happens.

    Andrew // Annabelle

    Benjamin // Brianna

    Charles // Catherine

    Dean // Daniella

    Elliot // Evelyn

    Finley // Francesca

    Gabriel // Georgia

    Harper // Helena

    Isaiah // Iris

    James // Jane

    Kian // Katarina

    Lawrence // Lauren

    Matthias // Madeleine

    Nicholas // Norah

    Orion // Ophelia

    Parker // Paulina (Lina)

    Quinn // Qianna

    Raphael // Ruby

    Samson // Serena

    Tynan // Theresa

    Uriel // Unity

    Vincent // Violet

    William // Willow

    Xavier // Xianna

    Yates // Yuliana

    Zachary // Zara

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    A- amanda and adam

    B- bailey and bob

    C- caylee and carter

    D- Dan and delilah

    E-eliza and ed

    F-freddy and francine

    G-Gabrielle and garrett

    H-Haley and harrison

    I-isabell and isaac

    J-Jennifer and joey

    K-Kelly and kenneth

    L-lauren and lorin

    M-molly and marc

    N-nicholle and nicholas

    O-Olivia and oliver

    P-pam and patrick

    Q-quin and quaven

    R-rebecca and ryan

    S-Stephanie and stephen

    T-tanner and toni


    V- victoria and valery

    W-Will and welma

    X-Xavier and idk

    Y-Yolanda and ?

    Z-zoey and zach

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