the best rated bank, on services, fees?

well I'm looking for a new bank, that don't charge for every service they have just want to get the best service

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Look in the "business" section of your local paper and there will be a page that comes out once a week that lists every bank that does business in your area and their fees and interest rates paid and charged etc..

    Ours here in FL comes out on Mondays on the 2nd page of the business section.

    I have found that credit unions have are the cheapest and offer the best service. Do not worry about not "qualifying" for "membership", as most have soo many different "ins" that you surely are a member of something or have a relative that is a member of some organization that will let you in. They do not verify your membership in the organization that you tell them you belong to anyway. Note that I am not talking about "real" credit unions like Police, fire, etc...

    Vystar, formerly Jax Navy Federal Credit Union, is the best here.

    Source(s): Florida Times Union
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