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What is the Army Reserve's fraternization policy? Can a SGT and PFC from the same unit have a relationship?

I am just curious. I know that two reservist can have business relationship in the civilian world, but what about dating? I also, before anyone decided to rip me a new one, that an enlisted and officer can't have a relationship with each other unless they are in two different branches. Example: I have a friend who is an officer in marine corps and I being enlisted in army. He and I are friends and could even get married and it would be ok. i will not fall under his command ever unless drastic things happen in the world.

Just curious about the reserve thing.

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    not sure about the army but I know for fact that a sgt and a pfc can not have a relationship in the same unit.

    This actually happened to my husbands unit. This slt bag pfc was sleepin with the sgt (lol.funny how you mentioned the same ranks) and he got demoted to corporal and his wife is leaving him (i hope) except little miss thing didn't get in trouble..she actually has had a history of doing it before...anyway..as for the reserves I am not sure about I don't think they have as strict of rules but I am sure there is something where it states that you can't have a relationship with someone you are working with.

    But the officer in the Marines and if you two got married there would be no problems with that.

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