What is the GOP? Please Explain in Detail.?

The GOP is talked alot about on the news. I want to know in detail what it is?

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    GOP are basically Conservative Republicans.

    AS of lately, they are not very "Conservative" when it comes to our government. Have a trillion spent yearly on a defense system, policing the world, rising taxes, association to interest groups, more bureaucracy etc.

    They still are pretty conservative when it comes to social issues though. Which really, has no place in this government when our Constitution clearly draws the line with the separation of church and state, the separation of the secular and the divine. And our government is secular.

    Technically, marriage even has no place in our society since it is a "legal" status under law. But I don't want to involve myself in the ironies and the hypocrisy of my government atm.

    Typically the GOP are Conservative on social and government issues.

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    Still at it. Well, They will not be able to do any massive changes unless they get a national record amount of seats.... enough to shut down an 0bama veto. Think about that. A few more stumbles from 0bama and pelosi. Some very bad economic news. people start to wonder what has happened when things have not gone as 0bama has said... so they turn to Fox for a different view. A vetoing majority in both houses is way out there... way out ether... But, anything is possible, especially if events were to merge together in just a certain way. I have a number of people convinced to hold their nose and close their eyes and pull the Republican flipper just to get some balances and checks... What if... What if.... by chance... the whole nation does it. yes, then the GOP will pull 0bamacare and many other things and replace them with something workable. . .

  • With all due respect the Grand Old Party GOP is very clear that they do not believe in evolution. The Republican Party symbol is the powerful Elephant. In great detail, I have researched what I think is the best explanation to a question that deserves a serious answer. Therefore, they are this: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=w...

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    As mentioned GOP = Grand Old Party.

    But that was then and this is now:

    Goofy Old People

    Gaga Over Palin


    It's like a circus being run by the clowns

    or an insane asylum run by the inmates.

    It 'used to be' The Party of Lincoln. Not any more: he's rolling over in his grave.


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    Grand Ol' Party

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    The GOP is the Republican Party of the USA.

    Also as Grand Old Party

    I call it Gay Opponent Party.

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    It is the Republican party.

    - Libertarian

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