A Guy Friend calls me every night, does this mean something.?

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he calls me every night and we are friends. he's always talking about girls and about nasty things. but he's always been like that. i've known him for about a year. does ...show more
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Haha, my guyfriend calls me almost everyday. But, we have normals chats, sometimes perverted, but it's alright. It doesn't mean something. It just means you have a bonding friendship, no big deal. My guyfriend and I are practically best friends. Though he does laugh at the stupidest jokes I make.. But, no big deal. Even if he does like you no need to worry.
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  • I Know What You Did answered 5 years ago
    yesterday i talked to my best guy friend on the phone for about 30 minutes and my dad grunts every time he hears my friends name lol.

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  • Angie answered 5 years ago
    mayb it does but mayb he sees u as a sis my guy friend calls me 2 and we hav chats and say good night every night
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  • Bronson answered 5 years ago
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