J.A. Happ pitched a 4H CG tonight - his 127th and final pitch was a 94 MPH strikeout. Pretty sweet huh?

Imagine throwing 127 pitches - and your last one clocks in at 94mph?
How great is that?
Some pitchers can't ever hit 94 on the radar gun.
Some starters would never be allowed to throw 127 pitches.

J.A. Happ for president - are you on the bandwagon?
7-2 record!

Where my Phils Phans at?
Update: Utley - Phunny - I didn't even know you existed and here I am mentioning Happ for president - LOL - I love Utley too but VIctorino has always been a fave.
Update 2: Veritas - I appreciate your honesty there buddy - good luck with whoever your team is...
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