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J.A. Happ pitched a 4H CG tonight - his 127th and final pitch was a 94 MPH strikeout. Pretty sweet huh?

Imagine throwing 127 pitches - and your last one clocks in at 94mph?

How great is that?

Some pitchers can't ever hit 94 on the radar gun.

Some starters would never be allowed to throw 127 pitches.

J.A. Happ for president - are you on the bandwagon?

7-2 record!

Where my Phils Phans at?


Utley - Phunny - I didn't even know you existed and here I am mentioning Happ for president - LOL - I love Utley too but VIctorino has always been a fave.

Update 2:

Veritas - I appreciate your honesty there buddy - good luck with whoever your team is...

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  • Jim M
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    He pitched a great game. I've been on the JA Happ bandwagon since last year, I was actually hoping Moyer would retire after last season just to solidify a spot in the starting rotation for Happ. Don't get me wrong I love Moyer and respect what he has done for the Phillies since they acquired him a few years ago, I just thought it would have been nice to watch him go out on top with a World Series and at the same time clear a spot for a young up and coming pitcher. I hope Happ continues to start and after tonight's performance I really believe the Phils front office would be nuts to stick him back in the bullpen in favor of keeping Moyer in the rotation and using Pedro Martinez as a starter. I guess we will just have to wait and see and hope this thing plays itself out.

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    Happ has been great lately. This was just what the Phillies needed after losing a few in a row. The offense was hitting, too, and that's always a good sign with this team.

    J.A. Happ for president? Lol. That's my thing, sorry man.

    edit: Lol, I've been in the baseball section for almost a year with the same name.

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    Yea he did really good, He was feeding of the energy of the crowd, Like When John Lester pitched his no hitter his last pitch was 120 something was 96. The human body is a mysterious thing

  • I'm not a big phan of the Phils. So it's not sweet. And I don't consider it great either. But I guess it's good for you, huh?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He's 8-2 actually!!!

    J.A. Happ for president?? I THINK SO!!!!


  • w
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    1 decade ago

    The best part is that I was there to see it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I remember Mark Prior used to do that. then his arm fell off

    Source(s): im just sayin. it happened.
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