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whats ur pet peeve???

i hate it when ppl dont wash there hands its so nasty!!!



lol Jello thts funny!


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    Let me think, am I allowed to name more than one? This is going to be one heck of a list!

    My pet peeves are the following:

    ABC gum, chewing with your mouth open, not rinsing dishes, one single thing out of place in an otherwise clean area, crooked picture frames, dirt under finger nails, dirty face, chat speak, all caps speak, when people text while I am talking to them, when people leave without saying goodbye (not strangers or anything though), when people act like the are listening, but really aren't, when people hurt each other on purpose, when people kill bugs/insects just for the heck of it, when people allow their pet to use another's property as a toilet, when people say to me "I have never heard you talk before.", when annoying people get all the attention, sprinklers that water the street or sidewalk, people turning the TV off when I just leave for a second, empty boxes left in the pantry or fridge, constant use of slang, slurping anything, when people spoil surprises, when people expect you to do something without them ever asking you, scratched cds, broken clocks that are still mounted, wide ruled paper, itchy tags, when people think they are all that, when people are obsessed with a famous person, people who are obsessed with twilight, people who won't stop trying to get me to read twilight, the fact that actors/actresses get paid more than teachers, when people say there is no such thing as a 2 dollar bill (and refuse to be proven wrong), people that argue way past when the discussion ended, people that try to get as many friends as possible (even though they don't know them) on facebook/myspace just to look cool, people who never shut up, people who ignore me, people who think they know everything, spitting into/onto anything but the bathroom sink, people who pee in a pool, people who wear shorts that don't cover their butt, people who eat in front of you when they know you are hungry, the toliet seat left up, poeple looking through my phone without permission, people who assume, people you genrelize, clicks, bratz, copy cats, the annoying dog next door, when people mispronounce my last name many times, when people don't believe me, falsly accusing people, people who cuss at least once in every sentence, people who shut the door in my face, people who don't think I am old enough to buy pencils myself (stupid staples employees, I'm 15!), people who stare, people who point at others, meusems that have birthday parties, people who say "like" every like 5 seconds like that is like annoying, bullying, when people forget to lock the doors at night, when people wear their hats backward, scemo "music", rap, when people listen in on my conversation, when people talk about me like I'm not there, people who make fun of me because I don't eat red meat, people who make fun of my family, people who skip in line, crinkled paper, when people wear all of one color ( when the colors are different shades), the fact that my spelling is horrible.

    I love answering this question, I could go on for days.

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    When people call a song by the wrong title.

    i.e. People call the song by The Fray "Don't Let Me Go" when it's really "Never Say Never" or the Matchbox 20 song "How I Used to Be" or "I'm Not Crazy" when the real name of the song is "Unwell". Incredibly annoying to a music lover.

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    I have so many pet peeves. I hate it when people don't wash their hands too. I also can't stand it when people can't chew with their mouth closed, or when people say they forgive you for something and then when you mess up about something else, they bring it up again.

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    people coughing and not covering their mouth. its so nasty when they cough all over you.

    also chewing with your mouth open, a little is okay but if its a lot and all smacky sounding i will flip out

    pen clicking

    really slow walkers

    nasty white pussy zits right in the middle of someones face

    a snaggle tooth

    people who think their funny but aren't

    people who burp and know its gross but think its funny

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    Well sice I am pregnant I have a lot more than ever, but I HATE it when people pull up to a drive through and can't figure out what they want!! ANNOYING!

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    Haha, I have a lot. But the most common is probably when your shirt rides on the top of your butt after you stand up.

    Kinda like the lady in the khaki pants but more intense haha.

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    When people make physical contact a lot when their talking to me. Things like hand on shoulder, hand on arm, hand on your back xD

    Really slow walkers lol

    Oh yeah and very obnoxious people.

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    1 decade ago

    I hate it when people's tags are sticking out the back of their shirts. It just drives me up the flippin' wall.

  • Mechanical Pencils that squeak.

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    I don't like it when people spoil a movie or book for me. Ugh it makes me so mad! lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People who walk slow and salad(especially with dressing!)!! I cant stand watching people eat salads! ugh!

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