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Could you recommend a good vampire novel for me?

I don't like Twilight or Blue Bloods. They were both boring with annoying characters. I also don't want romance. I'm looking for something like Dracula. You know, something an old-fashioned vampire lover would like. Any suggestions?

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    Most of these are not romance at all, but if they do contain some romance, it's only a small part of the plot. Also, I'm not sure how old you are, so be warned, these are all adult reading and a lot of them contain graphic blood, gore and violence (especially anything by Jemiah Jefferson). ;)

    The Night Inside, Terrible Beauty, etc. by Nancy Baker

    The Paris Immortal series by Sherry Roit

    Those Who Hunt the Night, Traveling with the Dead by Barbara Hambly

    After Dark by Carol Haytko

    Lord of the Dead, Slave to My Thirst by Tom Holland

    Salem's Lot by Stephen King

    Dracula Asylum by Paul Whitcover

    Let Me In by John Lindqvist

    Fiend, Wounds and Voice of the Blood, etc. by Jemiah Jefferson

    Dracul by James Wardlaw

    The Hunger by Whitley Streiber

    Anno Dracula series by Kim Newman

    Fevre Dream by George Martin

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    I enjoyed, "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice. It's book 2 of the Vampire Chronicles. I read it a few years ago. I think you would like it, if you haven't already read it. I've also read, "Dracula Prince of Many Faces (His Life and His Times)" by Radu R. Florescu and Raymond T. McNally. It's a historical account of the real and original Dracula (Vlad the Impaler). I found it a bit boring, but it was informative.

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    You get a star just because you didn't like Twilight. I read all 4 books and only got more let down as the story progressed.

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    Anna rice anna rice she did interview with vampire! i thought twilight was gay too, anna rice makes vampires so sexy! lesstat is like the anti hero you fall in love with. i cant explain it but you fall in love with his character even thou he is bad!

    it is very deep grown you actually have to have the right mental stage to handle it! serious it is dark i mean i could not read it till i was 16 years old. they got this thing called a eternal kiss that you can give to someone it is so deep. it is very shocking to allot her books are shocking! they make sucking blood like intercourse, well all let you see why it is shocking when you read it! please please red it i guarantee you love it. she writes very poetic if you like poetry she writes so much deeper then those stupid twilight books.

    This is the story of the Louis, as told in his own words, of his journey through mortal and immortal life. Louis recounts how he became a vampire at the hands of the radiant and sinister Lestat and how he became indoctrinated, unwillingly, into the vampire way of life. His story ebbs and flows through the streets of New Orleans, defining crucial moments such as his discovery of the exquisite lost young child Claudia, wanting not to hurt but to comfort her with the last breaths of humanity he has inside. Yet, he makes Claudia a vampire, trapping her womanly passion, will, and intelligence inside the body of a small child. Louis and Claudia form a seemingly unbreakable alliance and even "settle down" for a while in the opulent French Quarter. Louis remembers Claudia's struggle to understand herself and the hatred they both have for Lestat that sends them halfway across the world to seek others of their kind. Louis and Claudia are desperate to find somewhere they belong, to find others who understand, and someone who knows what and why they are.

    Louis and Claudia travel Europe, eventually coming to Paris and the ragingly successful Theatre des Vampires--a theatre of vampires pretending to be mortals pretending to be vampires. Here they meet the magnetic and ethereal Armand, who brings them into a whole society of vampires. But Louis and Claudia find that finding others like themselves provides no easy answers and in fact presents dangers they scarcely imagined.

    Originally begun as a short story, the book took off as Anne wrote it, spinning the tragic and triumphant life experiences of a soul. As well as the struggles of its characters, Interview captures the political and social changes of two continents. The novel also introduces Lestat, Anne's most enduring character, a heady mixture of attraction and revulsion. The book, full of lush description, centers on the themes of immortality, change, loss, sexuality, and power.

    Interesting Fact:

    The original manuscript for Interview was quite different than the final published version. After the rights had been sold to Knopf, Anne rewrote the book, adding the entire Theater of the Vampires section and bringing Lestat back after his supposed death by fire.

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    mwahahhahahahaha *bares teeth to reveal fangs* Vampires rock XD a series

    1) Eight Grade Bites

    2) Ninth Grade Slays

    3) Tenth Grade Bleeds

    its a good series :] and i dunt like twilite so much too

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    Anne Rice all of the way.

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    No such thing

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    Uhh idk but try Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. It's better than Twilight.

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    but but but.... WHY!? TWILIGHT!!!! come on give it a chance!!!

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