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Nikon Cameras vs. Canon Cameras?

I am looking at getting a "professional" camera and there are two that I really like. I wanted to know which one is better, that takes better pictures and that I can get for under $800 with only one lens included and where to get it with a lens. The two are the Nikon D60 and the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS. Any info or anything you have please let me know. (I will not using all the really special effects on the camera, just the simple shadows and lighting stuff.)

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    Honestly, both brands make excellent cameras, so it comes down to preference. Go to a store and hold both of them. Is one a better grip? Do you like the dials? How easy is it to review pictures, and to change settings?

    I am more familiar with Canon, but before I bought my XSi I borrowed a D70 for a weekend to see which I preferred. I liked the Nikon dual-dials, but didn't like the rest of the menus so I chose Canon.

    In regards to lenses, I like that all Canon lenses have AF motors built in; with Nikkor, some lenses rely on an autofocus motor inside the camera body, and not all of the bodies have this motor.

    Lastly, I dunno the current prices but if the XSi isn't much more, go for it. It has a better auto-focus system (with more points) and allows for spot exposure metering.

    Source(s): engineer and amateur with a Canon XSi.
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    Fist of all, and others will tell you the same thing, this($800) is not a professional level camera category. Now, with that said you can get good photos in the category you are considering. Finally, many of the effects you will be doing will be done not with the camera but rather with your post processing software.

    Now with all that said, the Canon - Nikon debate rages on and is similar to the Ford - Chevy debate. Both have loyal followers and both are good cameras. I shoot Nikon and am very happy with the lenses available for them.

    Happy picture taking!

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    I've been shooting with Canon since the good old days of film and have invested heavily in their lenses. As far as enlargements go, I prefer the details captured by the Canon sensors when it comes to digital. Not everyone is concerned with enlargements or pixel peeping like I am and I've actually been perfectly happy with the Nikon results when I've been able to use their gear. I've also liked the nikon DSLR software in their cameras for beginners with little hints and tips on shooting enabled. With the models you mentioned, you can't go wrong. The difference between these camera's aren't that big. When it comes down to it, you need to test the gear yourself and go with what you are comfortable with, you know the pro's and cons of each model/brand from the reviews now it's time to go with your gut feeling. EDIT: Additional details, also consider the lens availability and pricing in your area as well as the ones you want to use for the type of photography you are into.

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    Go to a store and try both out, and see how it feels in your hand, as the two feel quite different. Personally I prefer the Nikon because of the comfy grip and the location of the scroll wheel. Image quality wise the two are very similar.

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    I recommend Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

    Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera

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    Both are good camera to get with almost same features.Canon Rebel XS have benefit of Live View Function enables you to view your subjects directly on the LCD monitor.

    For under $800 you can get Canon XS with lens kit and you have money for another good lens

    if you don't mind live view Nikon D60 is a good choice.It take great sharp & clear images and D60 with 2 lens kit are great set for your budget.

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