Dying my hair bright red :D?

Im going to bleach it first


Im going to put bright red in my hair.

What product should i dye it with!!!????!!!

I really want it to last as long as possible. =]


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  • Ashlee
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    1 decade ago
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    Use Special Effects dye. Definitley the best unnatural color dye you can get.

    Here are their bright red colors:

    Cherry Bomb:


    Nuclear Red:


    Ruby Red:


    All of the colors should last at least two months without having to touch up, and they all fade nicely.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    from sallys get a dye called crazy colours its in a pink bottle the one i used is called pinkissimo and it makes your hair bright red its awesome :D

  • go with ADORE-Crimson Red

    it's a semi permanent you put in your hair every time it washes off.. it works really good, doesn't damage your hair. one bottle lasts a while..

    it's a white bottle; sold in Sally's or your local beauty supply stores. around $4

    i would know because i had bright red hair for 3 years ^_^

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  • Anonymous
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