SAW smackdown! episode 1 results?

Match 1: charlie haas vs kane

winner: kane

Match 2: SAW tag team championship: chris jericho and matt hardy vs chryme tyme vs the hart dynasty

winner: chris jericho and matt hardy

after the match vladimere kozlov and eziekal jackson come out and attack jericho and hardy

Match 3: womens championship: Michelle McCool vs Melina

winner: melina

Match 4: SAW intercontnental championship: rey mysterio vs dolph ziggler

winner: rey mysterio

Main Event: SAW world championship: jeff hardy vs cm punk vs john morrison

winner: cm punk


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    Good Show. 9/10.

    But Cody,We have to talk, E-mail me.

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    1) Draw.

    2) JTG would pin Kidd after a Front Flip Neckbreaker.

    3) Michelle would pin Melina after a Faithbreaker.

    4) Mysterio would pin Ziggler by using a 619.

    5) Hardy would pin Punk after a Slingshot Springboard Moonsault.

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    smackdown opens.

    jeff hardy intro..

    cm punk interupts.. few minutes later

    john morrisons interupts.. then general manager

    teddy long anounces the main event..

    match 1:matt hardy (debut) vs shelton benjamin..

    winner:matt hardy.

    match 2: melina vs natalya vs layla vs maria vs eve..

    (who ever wins will face michelle mccool at summerslam)

    winner: melina or natalya.

    match 3: dolph ziggler vs finlay..

    (who ever wins will face rey mysterio at summerslam)

    winner: finlay..

    then rey comes out and congratulate finlay..

    match 4: hart dynasty vs big show and jericho..

    winner:hart dynasty

    (they win after cryme tyme destract.. jericho and big show.

    match 5: john morrison vs r truth..

    winner: john morrison..

    main event: cm punk vs WHC jeff hardy

    winner:jeff after john morrison distracting cm punk.

    teddy lon anounces who ever wins next week will face WHC jeff hardy at summslam..

    which will be cm vs john morrison

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    1 decade ago

    9/10 good show but i want to join SAW and UVUW so message me by e-mail so we can talk about it.

    Source(s): Beast King
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