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Combine two online trading accounts without selling off stocks?

I want to cancel my Sharebuilder and transfer all existing stocks to my E*TRADE, how do I do it?

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    It's easy

    Go to ETrade, tell them you want to ACATS your account at Sharebuilder to E*Trade. (ACATS means Account Automated Transfer System)

    They will provide you with the ACATS form, in completing the form you will need your accounts numbers at both E*Trade & Sharebuilders.

    The account will move within the ACATS system in approx 6 business days after properly completing and submitting the form

    Securities and monies move between firms every business day of the week

    Good luck, go for it

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    Very easy, I did the same thing but transferred from Sharebuilder to Scottrade. Go down to E-Trade and open and account. They will give you a form to fill out that allows them to request a transfer of your stocks without liquefy them. I did have trouble with Sharebuilder, however, and eventually had to send them authorization plus a copy of my drivers license. They will only transfer whole shares, so if you have a dividend reinvestment plan set up with Sharebuilder and own any partial shares they will liquidate those.

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    What country are you in? In Australia you can make an off market transfer to move stocks from one broker to another by filling out a form. Contact E*Trade and tell them you want to move your shares and they should tell you what form to fill out. Hope that helps.

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