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Would you agree there is no better place on the web for informed political debate than here?


Please, as always your intelligent replies appreciated.

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    there are really informed open-minded independent people here, but unfortunately there are so many trolls, teenagers who mostly don't know about politics that much, racists and warmongers who enjoy screwing topics and the few informed people. it took months for me to learn what attract these people to avoid when I ask or answer a question (e.g. the word "Iran" attracts warmongers, but using "Tehran" in your posts most of them won't know what you're talking about). the only reason that I don't leave Y!A is the great collection of friends I've met here.

    in comparison to other places, I know much better sites (none of those I know are in English) with around 1000 - 5000 members and work like a distributed think tank.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Informed Political debate? You're 'avin a giraffe Mate!

    Americans post stupid questions, about their backwards political system,

    then get all bent out of shape, when people from anywhere other than America, have the audacity to inform them of how the rest of the World have opinions on this too!

    If you call that "informed political debate", then you've been "informed" by the wrong people!

    (Hi, Paloma,)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your not serious I hope...

    The Net is home to the intentionally intellectually dishonest...we are the people too stupid and too biased to be taken seriously in most real world academic debate situations.

    And unfortunately the Net idiots are beginning to get attention from what was once well respected, unbiased mainstream news programs.

    Anyone who gets online and buys an Obama Kenyan Birth certificate from a guy in Australia, then actually goes around touting it as the "real thing" is not someone to be taken seriously...they are someone who should be laughed at and ridiculed until they are too embarrassed to show their face in public...yet there they are on Lou Dobbs show and on Fox news.

    I am quite sure it will just be a matter of time before FOX News and CNN start giving legitamacy to the Alien Abduction people and Bigfoot/Lake Monster people...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, one certainly does find some stimulating answers to some very provocative questions in this forum. However, this forum does not encourage the back and forth that is necessary for a sustained political debate.

    I think, in order for this to be taken to the next level, there needs to be an element added where people can continually keep a topic going, instead of an answer being declared "best" and moving on.

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  • Joe S
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    1 decade ago

    On a whole, the people at this site tend toward ignorance though I have encountered some very informed people here as well. I also follow some blogs on economics and political philsophy. Generally, the level of information on those sites far outstrips what I typically encounter here. However, the best here compare well with the best on those sites.

  • Don P
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    1 decade ago

    Did you say, "Informed" political debate? There is actually very little of that here. Most people who argue here are just parroting what they've been told to believe.

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    Yeah right, especially when people from Europe get involved in American Politics

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    Oh heck yeah!

    Used to be a place called "AOL"... them people were "smart" too.... hehehehehehe...

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    probably but im to lazy to find it

  • 1 decade ago

    i hope that's not the case!

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