why do guys always do this type of stuff?

Alright, there’s this guy who’s been really flirting with me for a while. So I decided to do something spontaneous and sent a message asking him out. He comes talking to me with a smiley face, all flirtatious. He started talking and stuttering and hesitating, then he goes “u kno I have a GF…right?” I said “oh…of course, euh c ya later.” Idk wat to do or say now. Cuz he’s really been acting like he liked me. Y do they do Sh*t like that


@ call911 please, I said "oh...of course" cuz I cudnt find n ething else to say. I didn't kno he had a gf.

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  • 1 decade ago

    am a guy and i'll tell you why guys do that kind of ****.

    simple because guys love it when girls respond to signs whether fake or sincere. you responded very positively by asking him out first.

    and that was the mistake you made. am telling you this now. never ask a guy out if you are not sure he likes you. never ask a guy out before finding out if he has a gf.

    he just used u to prove to himself that he is hot. that's why flirting is not really the best way to know if a guy likes you. for girls....flirting is an easy way to know...oh yes this girl likes me. but for the guys. it gotta be more than flirting.

    am sorry this guy played you like that, but it was your fault. next time find out from him if he has a gf. a guy that has a gf is out of bounds. strictly out of bounds. so next time the first you gotta do when a guy is being so nice to be nice and smiling at you all the time, watch him. he must have a lady. believe me. a guy that really likes you will not be that nice. he is gonna be nice, but not too nice to be nice.

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    haha ooh man I have soo been there before. I had this one friend one time in my freshman year of highschool. He was thee biggest flirt girl! And even though I knew he flirted with a lot of girl, for some reason I felt more special when he flirted with me(booy was I stupid). So he started calling me, talking to me, and texting me so I thought he really liked me since he didnt do that with other girls he flirted with. Well one day I asked him out(my frist time asking a guy out) and he had an awkward smile on his face(jsut like what you described), and said yes but then broke up with me two hours later(he didnt even break up with me in person, he told one of our friends to give me a note saying he was breaking up). I was sooo embrassed and mortified that I had asked him out and I felt so stupid, and even more stupid that my guy friend new us both so well and he had to not only find out but know that I had asked him out and he broke up with me over a note. Now I'm a senior in highschool and I have gone through 4 years of only having guy friends and a lot of relationship drama and now Ive learned so much from everything that it has become so lucid about my past and the reason why guys did certain things. Some guys have a girlfriend and are just flirts.. and it's not the first time your going to come across one of them, so before you ask a guy out, get to know him more so you won't make the mistake of finding out he "doesn't want a girlfriend" or "i have a girlfriend"(and plus it will help you get to know a guy better so that if you do want to go out with a certain guy you'll find out if he's "just not me" or if he's a "keeper"). Other guys are just players, and do not want a girlfriend and just want to date, and some just want to be in a relationship. And from experience, I know how your feeling, you feel stupid, you feel like your confidence level went down...and girl dont! in a couple years you'll look back and laugh at the stupid mistake you did and learned from... just dust it off and pertend like it never happened.. thats what i did and now that guy still treats me the same.

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    1 decade ago

    They just need someone to **** around with . but remember all the guys are not like that so yeah . its your fault anyways if you knew he had a girlfriend you shouldve also known that he just ****** around with you and most liekly looking for sex. So yeah If anything like that ever happens dont make that ASKING OUT MOVE. guys are suppose to ask out girls. But if someones fuking around with you its your choice if you want to have some good time or not . depends if ur decent or whatever.. so yeahh

    the answer is he was just ***** around with you and you got serious about em and actully asked em out and from thatt he found out that you are not the one to **** around with so by him telling you that he has a gf would get you outta the way.........

  • 1 decade ago

    Because guys flirt with anything that has a pulse:)

    Well..most of them do anyway, he has a girlfriend so the best thing you can do is move on. Don't waste time feeling rubbish about it because it won't do you any favours, theres plenty more fish in the sea so forget him:)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ever boy is the exact same... Even when ya think you know someone they go and do something to f**k you about...

    There boys and you either get used to it or turn Leso:L

    But yeah he could like you and Just be abit bored with his girlfriend and started flirting with you... boys get bored and do that sometimes... hes a prick, go find someone better:)

  • 4 years ago

    Sex drive, and we don't care about what kids see, that's their problem. Women do it too, I saw a Justin Bieber video once and read the comments - most of them were from female pedophiles/teachers talking about how he is such a great guy and they want to have sex with him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because we're guys.

    We're always on the prowl for better things. It's a sickening thing, but we do. We're all guilty of it.

    We also need to prove ourselves, that we're still wanted by girls, and not just our significant other.

    It really is just an ego thing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because most boys are jerks but some can be really sweet its just a case of finding the right one.

  • 1 decade ago

    Boys, and yes some men are just plain stupid, simply put, they usually are just thinking below their belts.

  • 1 decade ago

    SOME are assholes, dont start to think that all guys are like that!

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