Sci Fi story, please help?


I am writing a sci fi story and needed some help with the names. I already have a few so just tell me what you think. I realize some are from the show Stargate Sg-1. (I suck when it comes to names). Oh and if you can give me some names of weapons that would be great

Possible alien names

The Consortium

Zeta Reticuli (Zetas)


The Sentinels






Possible Names of Space Ships










Possible Names of Alliances

Vegan Alliance

The Collective Galactica

United Races

p.s. I got some of them from other answers on this I said I suck with names

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    I love Sci-Fi :D

    Lots of these names kind of feel a little stereotypical, or like you said, taken from Stargate Sg-1. Don't take names from them. Here's some I came up with, use them for whatever you want:

    The Tabiscins

    The Bimmune




    United Galaxies or something is good

    For weapons you can go with the usual Photon Ray, Laser, maybe an M-Charger or something.

    Try not to make any names too over-the-top, that tends to get overused and stereotypical in Sci-Fi. We humans may be from the Milky Way but we're not called Milkywayikans or something. Just plain, simple "humans". And what about our planet? We're just plain and simply "Earth". Why should other planets be given such space-induced names? Just because it's Sci-Fi doesn't mean the names have to sound so...(for lack of a better term) Sci-Fi-ish.

    If you can, try your best to come up with random and simple words. Maybe mix a few real words into something different. Like...vampire...hmm, change it to Varpule or something. Don't take names from other Sci-Fi movies or shows, though. That's lazy writing.

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  • I see you've stolen from half a dozen sci-fi series.

    First realize how they got these names. This will help you come up with other names.

    Zeta Reticuli (Zetas), Vegan Alliance & Andromedans

    These names are based on the idea that if we contacted aliens, rather than translate their unpronouncable names, we'd most likely just name them for whatever star we met them at, or the section of stars they come from. Germans are germans right? They might think they're the Deutch, but we know they're Germans.

    The Consortium. Based on the idea of a translated name. Now he french won't say America, despite that being what Americans call their country (that rule only works with tiny countries apparently). They will say Les Etat-Unis, the United States. Most countries have a fancy name they trot out that way. So the Consortium would be short for the Consortium of free and independent planetoids or something like that. The Federation, The consortium, the People's Republic of etc... They sound better if they are somewhat stilted. The more stilted they are, the more it sounds like a translation, as you don't have the societal referants.

    Kelsparian, Furlings, Greklarian, Kanthosian, Spekrilian

    These come from just putting random syllabels together and adding ians. Basically the cheesy way it has been done for ages. It almost always seems to assume we'd have a similar voice box, which is a must for cheap TV shows that rely on foam rubber and body paint.

    Last way. Accept that Humans are often xenophobic, ethnocentirc and rude. Give them nicknames, such as the bugs, the spiders, the fuzzies, etc.. (these have been used) There is a famous short story that has the first contact moment immediately followed by people re-inventing every racial joke for the ailens.

    Part Two Star Ships.

    Now originally NASA was mythology happy. It went with the dreams of traveling to other worlds. Mars, venus, etc..

    Prometheus, Apollo, Deadellus- Apollo? Really? As if your people are ignorant of the history of the space flight? The other two have been used either in reality or fiction. They're obvious ones. Don't let this stop you. there are tons of other mythologies to plunder out there. Pick up a Bullfinch's flip about. The Norse ones are mopstly nuclear missles, but fewer people remember that every year. Why not whip out some Aztec or Sumerian divinities?

    Or go different. You have a future with a lot of ships, so why not name them like real ships? I can remember one series where most ships were named for Earth Cities (Heinlein?), another where they were named for soldiers (Heinlein definitely), the Star Trek shuttles were named for Earth rivers. Pick something and make it your own. Real boats seem to have the most nonsensical names outside of horse racing. So decide on native american tribes, Indian villages, out of date car models, or pokemon characters. Anything might be used in the future.

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    Alien names to add





    Space ships names to add


    The Comet





    The Forgotten

    The Fallen

    The Mantors

    The Galactice


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    It simply signifies that futuristic or,medical concepts & predictions of medical advances are the groundwork of a fictional tale. Space journey was once technological know-how fiction ;now its medical reality.

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    well dont use names that are related to star wars or star trek inless you have some reason for it.

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