Should I use this for my resume?

I am going to be submitting to an agency in the upcoming months. They have a website on which they post "profiles" of their clients. They post headshots and resumes. I was curious if I should copy the format of the resumes they post on their site or if I should use another format. Here is an example of one of the ones from their teen talent's resume.

If possible please look at this link for formatting example instead of the one I posted, it shows a more accurate format then the one I posted below.


Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown

Film Experience

Last Chance Cafe' Renee (Lead) Jon Keeyes

The Christy Club Report Guest Interview The Christy Club, Colorado


The Secret Life of Girls World Premeire (07) Stephanie (lead) Dallas Children’s Theatre

The Secret Life of Girls (06) Stephanie (lead) Dallas Children's Theatre

Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas Mary Ingalls (Lead) Dallas Children's Theatre

Charlotte's Web Youth Ensemble Dallas Children's Theatre

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor... Reuben/Children's Chorus Episcopal School of Dallas

Fiddler on the Roof Chava (Lead) Episcopal School of Dallas

Annie Tessie (main orphan) Episcopal School of Dallas

Dear Edwina Brittany, Farmer Jerry, Kid & Boy3 Episcopal School of Dallas

The Final Dress Rehearsal Director (lead) KD Studios

Oh! Jonah Whale Kid Episcopal School of Dallas

This Land is Our Land The Narrator(lead) Episcopal School of Dallas

Mime Show Camper Episcopal School of Dallas

Take Offs from Television Shows Andy's Mother, Voice Two Episcopal School of Dallas

Say What??? Anchor Woman One, Voice Two Episcopal School of Dallas

Songs of Broadway Mary from The Secret Garden Dallas Children's Theatre

Scenes from Steel Magnolias Shelby Dallas Children's Theatre


CD Workshops: Azure Hill, Lisa London, Catherine Stroud, Steve Maisel,, Joey Paul Jensen, Barbara Fiorentino, Garrett McGuire, Karina Walters, Rebecca Mangieri, Amber Horn, Toni-Cobb Brock, Shannon Pinkston, Barbara Brinkley, Jessie Disla ; Agent Workshops: Mitchell Gossett (UTA), Melissa Berger (CESD), Reagan Wallace (COAST TO COAST), Jennifer Patredis (CESD), Nicole Jolley (AEF), Matt Fletcher (ACME), Erin Kaszynski (KIM DAWSON), Barbara Blanchet (CAMPBELL), Stephanie Gabriel (Manager) ; V.O. Workshops: Tony Ray Gonzales, Melissa Berger ; Voice Training: The John Wilkerson Vocal Institute, The Episcopal School of Dallas Choir ; Acting Classes: Cathryn Sullivan (4 years - present), Dallas Children’s Theater, KD Studios, The Episcopal School of Dallas Readers Theater ; Dance Training: Preston Center Dance – Lyrical and Hip Hop (present), Dallas Power House of Dance – Hip Hop & Jazz (8 years)


Dance (Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Cheer), Singing, Voice Over Technique, Mime, Country/British Accent, Stage Combat, Musical Theater, Competitive Lacrosse (6 Years), Volleyball (6 Years), Tennis, Basketball, Skiing, Wakeboarding, and is extremely social including Class President.

If I copy this I will be leaving things out such as more of my phsical traits. Such as height, weight, etc. Of course i will include contact info. So would this be an acceptable resume format?



How many different headshots am I expected to include? Is just one alright?

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    That's a good example of how to do it. Here's another, without the website formatting, so you can see how they look on paper:

    The one thing about the example you list is the training section. That's too much information crowded too closely together. You want it to be easy to read. Usually one headshot is sufficient; you never really need more than two (one "legit," or more neutral/serious, and one commercial, showing more personality).

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    One web page constantly! You need to get your resume down to at least one web page, however that does not imply it's usual. You ought to be direct and to the factor of the activity directory and the corporation. A resume most effective will get skimmed so it demands to be to the factor and dynamic so it sticks out and indicates you've gotten the schooling and revel in for the role. Make definite it's certainly written and has NO typos. Have it checked out by way of as many men and women as feasible who've revel in with resumes and take all recommendation to brain even though you can also no longer agree. Take resume categories at your college additionally. People who evaluate resumes for jobs are very choosy.

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