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how much time does the damage control branch of the USCG actually spend on the boat at a time?

please be detailed


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    Well as a past DC (not really a branch, but a "rate" or MOS- military occupational specialty as other military branches call them. I was in was before 9/11 and since then the ranks of the USCG has swelled and they changed from the Dept. Transportation to Homeland Defense. As a DC they are basically "Jack of all trades" Carpenters, Plumbers, Welders, Damage Control, Fire Fighters, and over all Bad Asses !!! J/k

    They have both shore maintenance jobs as well as shipboard jobs. The shore firefighting was mostly contracted out but there did have a few spots to augment those stations. There are a lot or jobs afloat and onshore. This is the USCG we are talking about, most of the fleet is smaller than 150' ships and there are a lot of small boat stations. So even if you are on a ship you probably won’t be out that long. I.e. the "Puddle Pirate" name that we all love. I assume you are looking into joining and your best bet would be to have your recruiter get you the breakdown of onshore and off shore positions. Also make sure you ask what type of programs they have when you are looking at signing up. I scored VERY high on my ASVAB test and my recruiter did not tell me about any of them, but I could have been eligible at the time for guaranteed region or guaranteed schools right out of boot camp. Anyways the US COAST GUARD takes a beating from the other military forces but we have the most capable and responsible force in the USA as a whole. Because of this the private sector tends to like the fact you were in the USCG on your resume in fact some of my friends that were looking for private sector jobs joined just for that reason. Anyways make sure you do your homework.... well I guess you have started since you are posting here.

    GL with your service if you decide to join.

    My Times in the USCG are some of the most memorable times in my life if I had to do it all over again I would Join again today!!!

    Edit: If you get a position lets say on a boat you will be on that boat for the duration of your tour DC's like any other rate are attached to the unit they are assigned to. Some boats you will physically live on some are too small to sustain full time living quarters and you will live on a nearby base in a barracks but usually in an apartment or a house you will share with a few crewmembers. Like I said the longest sea trips would be on an Ice Breaker and also the bigger cutters. But then they always pull in somewhere during long trips so you get to see a lot of new and cool places.

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    Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions

    Damage Controlman (DC)

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