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what should i do im bored?

im having a friend over but thats later..

right now my dads gone an i dont know what too do

i cant go outside

and plz no nasty stuff

i dont wanna read eat or sleep

i dont wanna be on the computer either

soo help me what should i do until my friend gets here

and another thing i have a camera so i can make videos but what should i make them about?

when my friend gets here what should i do?

what should we make a video about?

no nasty things plz

thank u


my friend is coming over at 5 or around then

Update 2:

i already made music videos an i cnt put videos on youtube

and i said no nasty stuff gosh

Update 3:

i cant cook stuff right now becus my dad is gone im home alone

Update 4:

im a girl just too let ya know

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    I'm pretty much in the same EXACT situation as you right now. I'm not going out till 6:30 so i have to kill the time but i have to be productive since i hate sitting around.

    1: Do you like video games? talk to people on xbox live. every few games change your accent and make fun of people. haha, that always is fun! No xbox? do you have wii; wii fit?

    2: Making YouTube videos is a really good idea too. But, it won't get any hits unless it is a good video. Make sure it is funny, or educational, or whatever your style is. It also needs to be well made. Use editing software like Windows Movie Maker (for Windows XP and Vista), or if you have a Mac; iMovie.

    Some ideas for a Funny video:

    Punk Jesus? Make Jesus live in the Ghetto and have him break dance

    Parodies: Make fun or a commercial or book or show or movie or anything!

    Killer Cat/Dog: Do you have an animal? make it kill you! get the ketchup...


    Review and item that you have; camera; video game; shampoo (lol)

    Teach people about what you know best; random facts; current events (like sxephil; youtube user); etc

    Good Luck!

    3: Go on Wikipedia!

    I can spend hours looking up people, shows, objects, electronics, companies, etc on wikipedia.

    And your learning something!

    4: You said that you don't wanna eat something. Well how about eat something LATER :)

    Make some brownies for you and your friend


    Cupcakes (favorite!!!)?

    Fruit Salad?


    Fettucini Alfredo??? (Huh?)

    5: Going back to #2, do you have a pet?

    Cat?: Make a toy like a feather on a string attached to sumthing so you can watch your cat play with it

    Dog?: Make a cozy bed for him/her then put some treats on it and see if he/she likes it

    Hamster?: make a little fort for the cute guy/girl to go into

    Fish?: i got nothing. fish are boring

    6: Watch a movie

    Go on OnDemand or something like that and watch a movie! Go ahead, buy one, your parents will understand that you were bored out of your mind!

    I hope i helped!!!!!!!


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    1 decade ago

    why don't you watch a movie

    that's what im gonna do

    im by myself too :(

    i was supposed to go with my aunt to go get a hair cut

    but she didn't wake me up :(

    i'm gonna watch war of the worlds

    with your friends

    make a music video

    they're always funny

    just be stupid

    pretend to do a reality show


    the real world


    room raiders

    or next

    those are always fun

    i do that with my friends

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    Put on some good music and dance, make some fun snacks for later. Go outside for a walk if the weather will permit.

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    i don't know what a girl could do but if your a guy, work out. it's not really fun but it passes time. and for a video you could go to a park or a mall and just ask random people random questions and say it's for a social skills project that your working on in the career school you go to (even if you don't go to career school). tell them you are trying to become more open to the public. i've done it and it was fun! i did stupid things like "sir, do you like kangaroos?" the guy said yes so i said "please tell the camera that you like kangaroos" he turned to my friend who was holding the camera and said "i like kangaroos" then i said "i'm sorry sir, i meant tell the camera in a Jamaican accent you like kangaroos" haha he did. his accent was terrible! i ended up getting around 24 minutes of film but it took about 3hrs to get it all because i wrote all the peoples names down so i could later edit the video with that persons name at the bottom. the whole process took roughly 4hrs and 30mins to complete, but it was so worth it!

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    1 decade ago

    its really hard to answer this question seeing as I don't know you, so I'd say....go swimming. go for a jog. take the dog out for a walk. listen to music, dance.

    If you want something less imaginative, clean the house, cook stuff and freeze it so you don't have to cook next week.

    I don't know! Why not make a cake???

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    How about cleaning and dusting, yes i would be very happy to come and find out that my child cleaned the house along with her room, took out the trash, washed the dishes and maybe some clothes.

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    ahaha that sounds just like me :) im home by myself and im bored out of my mind! i love making videos to :) hmm you should just like make a video about just like a random topic .. or like pick something you hate and rant about it .. so ya hope i hlped

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    grab your camera, go into your room, and find your favorite song. turn your camera on and record you singing/dancing/lip-singing to it. loads of fun.

    when your friend comes over pick a cd/song that requires two people, and dance with eachother.

    or grab your camera and you/your friend holds the camera so you can move it around the house/room.

    or you could watch a movie.

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    maybe work out do some thing productive? im a stay at home mom && after i get done cleaning up the house i usually go running with my son... takes up a good amount of time && helps with self esteem if your not happy with you body but idk about you. maybe you all could go to the movies!

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    Yeah you guys should totally do skits on your camera! My cousin and sister used to do fake talk shows. One was about fat people: they stuffed their shirts with pillows it was hilarious. You can also talk about things that annoy you and act it out

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