Trouble with milky areas on wood table...?

I purchased this very neat 3-tiered wood table that was carved to resemble a tree trunk from an antique shop with the intention to clean it up myself. It originally had these white, milky areas on the surface areas, which I assumed would come off with a good cleaning. Well, I've cleaned and sanded the table and I'm now waiting for the first coat of stain to dry on it. I can't see the spots when I'm right by the table, but when I stand a few feet away, I can still see those areas, although their color is not as white as before. Perhaps I'm just being too picky, but I would really like to get those spots removed. Anyone have any idea what they are and how I can make them disappear? I sanded those areas quite a bit and I plan on adding at least another coat or two of stain, but am not sure if that'll do the trick. I choose best answer!

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    The milky areas are due to heat damage (hot mugs etc). To repair completely you needed to remove all the old varnish right down to the wood and then completely refinishing. Any other method, there are various tricks, will not remove old white marks, they only work on freshly damaged varnish. The best way to remove all the old varnish is to use a chemical remover (paint stripper) and wirewool

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    table cloth

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