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Kell-o asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

My 3 yr old's front tooth looks grey to me . . .?

I have noticed in the last couple days that my son 's front tooth is looking slightly grey. He is always on the go and it is possible that he may have fallen and hit it, but he hasn't had any bleeding or a fat lip or any other apparent injury to his mouth. His teeth are brushed usually twice a day, and he drinks plenty of milk and has enough calcium. What could be causing this? Thanks in advance.


any need to take him in for it? My sister had a dead tooth and they just had her wait until it fell out, said there was nothing that they could do.

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    I'm guessing it is a "dead tooth"

  • biever
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    4 years ago

    comparable ingredient ensue to my very lively 2 a million/2 365 days so we assumed she hit her the enamel b/c we brush her enamel oftentimes and watch her sugar intake. It truthfully went away interior of a few weeks, took her to the pediatric dentist and he shown my unique diagnosis. The nerve grow to be broken which brought about the discoloration however the wear grow to be no longer everlasting..whew! Her the enamel is back to being white. i could wait each week to be sure if the the enamel clears up some what, if no longer flow to the dentist yet whilst he's no longer in discomfort once you sweep i does not be too in contact as he in all probability in basic terms bumped it.

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