tokio hotel family :whats wrong with this?

a few days ago i answerd this question;_ylt=AuGxB...

it asked

so whats your favorite

th member?

th song in german?

th song in english?

th song in all?

th quote?

and finally

th picture?


scream or monsoon

i answerd

gustav or tom

Über's ende der welt(ready set go)

monsoon(when tom sings it)


sexy hexy lol

Youtube thumbnail

this is the best pic of the twins



what wrong with that i got like 6 thumbs down and i dont know why ?

can so some please explain ?


i didn't know it was photoshoped sorry :( i liked the pic because it seemed nice at first it looked kinda gay but then i though it was some pose a photographer made them do because there brothers

Update 2:

okay im going to change it

Update 3:

i had know idea what twincest was until today

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  • 1 decade ago
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    u got the thumbs down because that picture of the twins you posted on my question is photoshopped, and its used for twincest, which is something tha most fans of th really hate, because its like if tom and bill were gay with each other or something, its really gross

    i think thats the reason for the thumbs down, because all ur other answers were good.

  • well i cant really see the pic, the link doesnt work for me, but im assuming its twincest since all the answers seem to say so..yeah a lot of fans dont like that, cause its wrong you know.. I mean they're implying that they're gay and on top of that have a incestuous relationship going..Yeah a lot of people dont like that, i dont like that either.. I mean just the thought of that makes me shiver.. But dont worry im sure you didnt mean it in a bad way...things happen =) and people probably just mistundestood you..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i don't know exactly what the pic is, but i really don't even want to see it because everyone else is saying that it's twincest.

    You got thumbed down 6 times because twincest is sick & disgusting.

  • 1 decade ago

    That is a painting from and they support twincest and stuff so i guess that's why.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because your picture was twincest. (Bill and Tom in a relationship). Thats why :)

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