2010 Mazda 3i touring?

I like the interior and the shape and the look. however the front is kind of funny looking. happy. but funny. should i consider buying it despite the fact of the grille?

its a good car no?

im 17 by the way

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    the touring name is what mazda refers to as the top of the line

    vehicle thats made at the factory with all possible options and

    all the nicest goodies , features and extras they could put into

    it .

    best options on brakes and suspension. A touring is a loaded car.

    i think it has the ipod module in it to for plugging your ipod in it.

    the only thing mazda has going on as far as defects is that they have

    found that some of the cars were built with bad power steering hoses that causes the power steering pumps to go bad.

    but no biggee.........it gets changed under warranty at the dealership and you will have many years of fun with this car.


    know this.........the mazda cd players and changers DO NOT LIKE BURNED CDS. they will get stuck in the unit and then the dealer

    has to order another cd player and put it in........under warranty of course.

  • I'm currently shopping for cars, and it's on my shortlist. In brief, it's a great car, especially if you like to drive. It's responsive, sporty and is probably the only compact car that will make you smile as much as it seems to be doing with that grill.

    In short, all of the other cars on my shopping list are considerably more expensive than the 3, but it may be becoming the favorite. (It helps that in my area the Mazda dealers have been the most straight-forward. I'm also having trouble finding manual versions of the other cars on my list.

    Anyway, a couple of links for reviews:



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    I even have pushed the two autos and it extremely is my truthful opinion. The camry is extra aimed in direction of the mainstream buyer who needs comfortable compliant experience whilst the mazda 6 has a somewhat extra stiffer suspension yet plenty extra perfect dealing with. the two grant great fee whilst in comparison with the domestics. the interior is the place the Mazda 6 shines using fact it feels somewhat extra upscale, the camry i try drove had extra extra fee-effective plastics and the alignment of a few sprint panels have been off, before the camry had a stellar popularity yet toyota has been slipping in high quality at present.for my area i could flow with the mazda 6 yet its very own determination, you may desire to trycontinual the two your self and are available to a decision which one is physically powerful for you.

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    the mazda3 is a great car; the handling is superb. if you're going with the i touring, you're going with the base model. if you think you're going to want speed in the near future, you might actually want to upgrade to the SPEED3. but considering this is probably your first car, you're making a great first choice.

    besides, if you get the 2010 3 in black mica, the smile is not as noticeable. & i've heard that the smile actually grows on you.

    hope this helps.

    Source(s): proud owner of a 3.
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    It is a good car, but I would think about a few things before spending about 20,000 on a car. Do you really need to spend that much on a car? CAR PAYMENTS SUCK. If you aint paying for it, then ENJOY

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    hell yahhh! i 16 and getting a 2009 miata so yah get the one youll be hot lol

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